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So far, in our study of the book of Romans - we have been through a lot.
We have seen the gospel described in multiple ways.
We have been beat up - our toes thoroughly blued and bloodied by the stomping of chastisement of our behavior.
We have looked at the implications of our faith or the lack of it.
Romans chapter 8 is our victory lap.
Romans 8 is our anthem.
Romans 8 is our battle cry.
Romans 8 is our pièce de résistance.
Over the next couple of weeks we are going to study this chapter out.
Because if you can understand this - you’re going to walk differently.
It is going to change some things about you.
As I have been studying this book to be able to teach - I have fallen in love with this chapter.
I am in awe of the truths that it presents.
It is a masterpiece of eternal proportions.
This morning we are going to look at verse one, because if we go too much further than that - we won’t be giving it the attention that it needs to have.
If you have a Bible with you I invite you to turn with me there.
Right away, we understand that we cannot proceed with out understanding the context.
The sentence works with out the therefore -
There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus - that works.
But the emphasis, the motivation, the power of this verse comes from the consideration of the verses that come before it.
Paul is describing a battle in ourselves.
A battle that we fight.
He says I love Jesus - but my body wants different things.
I struggle with this!
My body Sucks!
I can’t do this.
But I don’t have to.
Thank God for sending Jesus.
With my mind, I serve the lord, even though my body does something else entirely.
From what I can tell in my own life, Paul is describing an authentic christian experience.
Because in my life - it goes like this:
I wake up with songs of praise in my mind.
Good - Jesus loving music playing in my mind.
Then I enter into the world and wham.
I am in it.
It’s like stepping in a big ol fresh pile of dog poo.
All of a sudden, you are in it.
You can’t just wash it off.
It is stuck in the crevices of your shoe tread.
No matter how you go about it - you are going to smell it all day.
And though I felt really good about where I was in my walk with Jesus when I woke up - now I am not so sure.
Now I am lost in the smell of my mistakes.
And I know they are mistakes because the enemy is in my ear telling me they are.
Over, and over, and over.
But Jesus.
Thank you God for Jesus.
Because of Jesus we have Romans 8:1.
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.
This is a verse to memorize.
To write out and put in your car.
On your mirror, your fridge.
All over.
Word for word:
We have looked at the therefore.
There is:
Considering all things in existence.
All things known and unknown.
The highest mountains and the deepest depths of the oceans have been considered.
All things have been looked at.
Already and not yet.
It is something we are waiting for - at the end of our days - when we get to go home - there is now (then)
and there is now, right now.
Right now.
In this moment, and all moments from here into eternity.
When you remember this verse twenty years from now - the now will still be.
When you think of this verse on your death bed - its still going to be in effect.
It has no expiration or shelf life.
It goes on until always.
This isn’t waiting on you to get your act together - it is now.
Right now.
Now this next word is a little more difficult.
I looked it up in the greek.
I studied it out in every version of the Bible I could find.
The word is no, and what it really means is NO.
There is now NO.
There is none.
It does not, can not exist.
There is an absence of the things necessary to create it.
It is a negative answer where a positive one was required.
There is none.
There is now no.
No does not mean less.
But we live that way.
We live as if it means less.
IF I live perfectly there would be less condemnation.
We lack understanding of what God Really did for us.
We don’t get it.
Paul wrote all of this out so that we can come to right understanding.
To be condemned, means to have been judged and found guilty.
To be disapproved.
This is the end all of it all.
If you are condemned - you failed.
If you are condemned - it is your fault.
It is not only the feeling and understanding of failure, but the eternal punishment that goes with it.
You landed on the go to jail space.
Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200.00.
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