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Good morning. Did they see each and every one of you this morning? Isn't it nice to know that we're not alone? For God tells us, he is always with us. You'll never leave us, nor forsake us. That's a, a promise that we can Bank on him. Then you have your Bible this morning, go with me to the book of Nehemiah. We're going to talk about commitment this morning, be the second Sunday of the new year. I think every year we should look at that aspect of commitment. My opinion. And I take that from the word of God, but my opinion, is every year if we commit a fresh in a new to God, then other things, if God is first and foremost in our commitment, the rest of it will fall into place as it should. According to God, that doesn't mean that everything is going to go our way doesn't mean it's going to happen the way I think it should. If I'm committed to God then I'm open to buy will be done. Not my will be done. The problem with committing to God as we commit to God, as long as he does. Things are way they man. I guess that means yes I know we don't want to say it out loud, but we know I'll do it. I'll do whatever you want me to do as long as whatever that aspect is. That's The Human Side of all of us. I mean, Jesus had that Human Side to do not Lord. I know what's going before me. I'm going to the Cross, not my will, but thine be done. It's not really what I want to do. Let this cup pass from me, but I will be done. And that's really what it comes down to committing to God's the greatest challenge of the new year. I think, is when we began to make those resolutions, are we began to make those commitments, a new year, gives us an opportunity to start afresh and maybe put aside the things I've been pulling us down and say, okay, God, I want to give it a new start in and maybe this year will get a little further with, then we did last year maybe this year, as we freshen it off. And we get a little further down the road because there's some roads that may be paved, a little longer this year than they were. It's maybe a new job, that's a challenge to you. You go to a new job and you start fresh and new because the people there don't know you, they don't know your failures, don't know your Tendencies, your past weaknesses, whatever it may be. So, you start fresh and new. And then somewhere along the line in that new year, as you get to know one another, maybe they won't. Go figure out a nickname for you. Or you figure out a nickname for those around you that goes along with their aspect of work, relationship, whatever it may be, But that new year that we have before us is an opportunity and a chance to live better than last year. And I thank each. And everyone of us this morning and say, you know what, I desire to live better than last year, I hope to live better than last year even if last year was a great year and you lived, great do better live. Great read. We started out the new year last week, talking in the beginning, God because God is very important in our lives. Is very important in the whole aspect of where we need to be, if God's in the right place and other things will fall into place as they should in God's eyes and then God's Direction.

But if he's watching football on Monday night, you saw something take place on the football field that everybody who may be like football or watches football, fall to the ground after we made a tackle. It wasn't that hard of a tackle but his heart stopped beating 24 years of age. Pretty much was dead. Right there had been would have been had it not been for those who came and gave him CPR, and help him get off the field via the ambulance. But what you saw afterwards, you saw a stunt Stadium. You saw a strong group of men and trainers and coaches and everybody that was their camera. People. Swapping and praying and wondering. What's going next? What's happening? Is the young man alive. Is the young man going to be. Okay, what is the aspect in the prospect of this young man? A young man whom you and I may only know by name. Maybe we see him on television, when he plays football, whatever it might be, but we only knew him, I only knew him by name. But you're sitting there and you're enthralled on suit. What's next? Where do we go from here? And if you change the channel to something else, you almost feel guilty because should not be concerned about this. Young man concerned about his family. Those that are all consumed with whatever is taking place here. See, we saw a commitment by a group of people Monday night. To begin praying in beseeching God, on this young man's behalf. And those who are still praying. Beseeching God on this young man's. We have although it says he's doing better and reports and pictures of him waving and smiling and Reports have been speaking to his teammates. I look at that is regardless of what team you're on. As we saw those two teams come together,

As one and we saw a nation. Come together. As one we saw a commitment to the welfare of this young man. And boy, didn't that feel good? And all that we've been dealing with and everything around us in this world of negativity and hatred and despising certain people. Then it feel good to come together as one and in a commitment. Towards. This Damar, Hamlin.

I did, as you listen over the week and you heard his progress and didn't know whether he's getting better, whether he wasn't getting better. Nobody really, really knew until somebody came out with an official statement, all kinds of ideas and plots. And even if social media, there are those who were saying negative things about, well, you know what, he makes billions of dollars or hey, that's what are the chances of You can make a dollar in fall over dead. Right. Jesus tells us in his word is appointed unto man once to die. And after this, the Judgment each and everyone of us. As an opportunity and a destination for death. Now physically. If the Lord tarries is coming it probably going to happen. It has for many, but if he comes soon, then maybe we won't have to physically die. But there is something that we need to do in order to ensure that if he does come back or if he does call us home to death, that we have a place with him and heaven. And that place with him. And Heaven, only comes by believing in the Lord. Jesus Christ, putting our faith and trust in him. It's not our works, it's not our money. It's not our up, whatever. We've got to offer, that's not it. It's receiving what God has given us his son Jesus Christ. 4 John 3:16 Says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life and that belief is more than just a head knowledge, you hear me. And I'll say that every time because some people do I believe in God, Okay, well, that's good. So does Satan and trembles, so the demons and they tremble, they have a belief, they just have it received him as their lord and as their savior, And I'm afraid in our society. Today, there are many people who have a belief in God. But not a relationship with him. This morning, we're going to look at commitment. How do we commit ourselves to this relationship? How do we commit ourselves to God? How do we commit ourselves to putting him in that? Right spot. Not just when it's beneficial to us. But each and every day of our lives in the morning, when we wake up, how do we speak for him at night? When we go to bed? How do we lay down at night? They okay, got it. Thank you for another day. Thank you for getting me through this day and lower night. I hope and pray that all that I said, in all that I did auditing glorified you Just, as little children want to honor and glorify their parents. So that they can get what they want.

How many of you saw the little Facebook thing of my grandson Harrison, praying for ice cream? The other night? Did you see that? I'm thinking he was in trouble cuz I do. So. Harrison. What are you praying for you? Praying for ice cream for ice cream and he got his ice cream, how could you not? Wright didn't want to ruin the kids faith in God.

I just said to my wife when I'm seeing, as I better, hope they got ice cream in in their freezer. Otherwise, I got to go get some

We need to come before God as little children. That doesn't mean okay. But y'all pray for. It doesn't mean they automatically get it cuz you and I know that we can pray to God for certain things, right? And we haven't received them yet. I'm not going to ask you to raise your hand, but how many of you have had frayed to win the lottery?

Apparently, you haven't received it cuz our offerings haven't proved anything.

And it's not about that either. We don't even take off for nothing. Have you noticed? Boxes are back there. You get them, we don't take them. You already give. That's a commitment that we had to God in his work that we give to him. As he has prospered us. God has committed his life to us and all he is asking for us to do is come in our life, back to him to say yes, what I will follow you as best as I can. My responsibility is not to follow God, like skip Murray. Kim. Marie's responsibility is not the fall of Godlike, Clyde mccaskill. You know why? Because if he follows God like Clyde mccaskill, I'm going to cause him to stumble and fall along the way somewhere. but if we commit Our Lives to God, as we see here in the Amaya, Nehemiah's responsibilities and commitments as he looked around and he saw the walls of Jerusalem, full of holes. I mean, the enemy had been battling. The enemy had been tearing it down and it was full of holes. The enemy could you enter in at any moment? Anytime.

Do we had a challenge to build a new wall? And then Nehemiah chapter 2 and verse 18. He says this, let us rise up and build. He didn't see. Let me he didn't say I'm going to rise up and Bill. What are you say? Let us rise up and build. Do that wall separated them from the enemy and when they had gaps in the walls and, you know, this is to be true when we have gaps in our spiritual. All the enemies going to get a wren. Three goals on Nehemiah chapter 4, and he says this. So we Build the wall. It is a. I built the wall and once again it wasn't about him. Let us build the wall. So we Build the wall. He faced a challenge as you and I face today in our spiritual lives to build up, those spiritual walls in our lives, to keep the enemy out. But I'm afraid that sometimes we built up walls to keep everybody out. And they keep us safe on the inside to the point that we're not really sharing the word with others. As we should. Is it? Well past play. I tried that thing of sharing the word with others and it really didn't, was a very profitable. I didn't see much hope for help or anything happening from all that I've done. I mean, I, I talked on his girl for 20 years of my life and not. Once did I see any one of those kids come back to me and say, Hey, thank you. well, maybe, maybe in 30 years you will You never know all we know is we are responsibilities as a plant that seed and let God do the rest after we plant the seed. But if we're not planting the seed, guess what's going to happen? We're going to run out of crops. Play Man. And we look around our nation today, we look around the world today and we see that as a seed is planted less. There's less crops propping up. Growing. and we wonder why there's so much of a burden on us if we got busy about the Lord's work, Sharing the gospel. Planting the seed. Say Okay God, my job is to plant. My job is to water. God, you give the increase? Will let God do the work. He will bless. Our commitment is to plant the seed. Without the seed, being planted, the crops are not going to grow. I read a story here recently. I know you've heard stories like that as well. Sunday, school teacher, 30 years after teaching, a certain child, this child is a student wrote. The Sunday school teacher, a note, It's what I know. It was 30 years ago that you had me in Sunday school. You may not even remember me, but I wanted to write to you and tell you. Thank you. Thank you for spending the time to share the gospel with me and others in our class. I can't speak for others but I can share with you my life that as that seed was planted in my life I didn't always do with it as I should. But God has been working in my life and now I have a family, I have children and we as a family are committed to serving God because of the things that you taught me 30 years ago. And Sunday School. What a blessing that is. What an awesome responsibility to know that 30-year progress and that's a long time to wait for a, thank you. But listen, if we're serving God, waiting for thank yous, to get us to The Next Step. We're doing it for the wrong reason. Are serving God is not for us to be thanked. Our serving God has us thanking God for what he's done for us. and sending his son to a lost in a dying world, that whosoever will make I think of that every day. Why me God, why was I born into a Christian family wife? Why was it that? My father was a pastor, why wasn't that? I was raised in the church. All my life. Why is it? When I was a teenager? I didn't want to be doing what I'm doing today. But as you ministered in my heart and you ministered in my life and you showed me the path in the way that I should go, when I send, yes, I knew. The moment, I let go of my own desires. The moment I let go of my own wishes it, okay, God whatever you want. That's what I'm going to do. That's a big, if you haven't tried it, try it. I mean you can't just want to try it and see how it works. No. You got to mean it Lord, whatever you want. That's what I'm willing to do. And that's God guys. You guess what? Everything in my life has worked out perfect ever. Since you believe that one, It hasn't. I have stumbled, I have fallen. But when I have stumbled, when I have fallen, I picked myself up. I dusted myself off and sometimes other people help. Pick me up over. 7,000 me off. Other said, get back in the game. Don't do it. Cuz there are days when I just wanted to quit. Did you know that every Pastor they say resigns on Monday? Did they pick a backup on Tuesday but if my focus, it is me. Looking at you and seeing what I desire? Then I'm going to lose. But if my focus is up here to share the word of God with you and to allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in you and trusting God to do that. Then I win cuz I don't know what God's doing in your life, but I can guarantee you when I see certain people, I know that God is working in their lives mightily Sometimes we're happy about it and sometimes we're not so happy about those. We're not really sure where God is taking us, but we know he's taking them somewhere.

I remember after my dad remarried, after my mom died, my dad remarried. There was a moment in time, and I don't know why he allowed this to happen, but he did, I didn't have my driver's license. In fact, I was probably 14. In church, we have church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night. This was a Sunday, Sunday night after church we jumped in the car and we were just going to go out and ride around for a little bit in Oklahoma. and, My dad says to me so I can get up here and drive the car. I'm 14. What? Kid doesn't want to do that, right?

What? I didn't know when I got the driver seat. Was my dad was getting in the backseat with my stepmother.

Yeah. Okay.

What is that mean? That means they were behind me. As Newlyweds. Tom drive and I'm driving down a dirt, Sandy, dirt road. You know how hard that is? Sometimes as an adult to drive down to Sandy dirt. I mean, deep send not to need to get stuck, but deep enough to throw you around in the ruts. That probably went on for 2 minutes. My dad said if I pull over and stop, I pulled over and stopped. He told me to get out of the driver's seat. I got out of the driver seat, he got back in the front seat. My stepmom got back in the front seat and I got in the back seat and I said,

Not because what was going on behind me? I don't know what was going on back there. Only because I knew I couldn't control the vehicle. On that road.

Right? So wherever your mind went with them in the back seat, shame on you.

But it was one of those. Newlywed relationships as a 14-year old child with my step. Mom would say to me.

You don't want to hear that when you're 14, and I love my son.

I don't want to send me your lap, 14. I'm a grown man.

I can't even say that today at 63 that I'm a grown man, just ask my wife, right? Say, what, what are you getting at? I'm getting at my commitment to drive a car when I was 14 was not high on the list. I had a motorcycle who needs a car when you got a motorcycle. But as I learned, when I wanted to get my driver's license, I had to commit myself. Do a few things. I had to commit myself to learn, the rules had to get might commit myself to learn how to drive, and I needed somebody to show me as that process went forth. And you and I know that once you get your driver's license as a teenager, you got to make some commitments to your parents to get the car correct. You're going to go right there and come right back. You will be home by such-and-such a Time. And sometimes even in my life is like and listen up Clyde, you will pay for the gas. What? When is $0.25 a gal? That sounds pretty good back in the day, right? But still has a lot of money back then. So you were careful where you when you're careful how hard if I'm paying for the gas. If I'm responsible, if you break something.

Okay. So you were very careful. You committed yourself to doing the right things. What will God has brought you into this world. He says listen, there's a battle going up, there are gaps in the walls of our in our walls that we need to repair because the enemies coming in and going on at will. And if we don't repair those gas, if we as people don't come together and do the work that God has called us to do. It's not going to get better. It's going to get worse. And I guarantee you what I seen going on in this world today, it is nothing different than what's going on. Forty years ago. It's just out in the open more. The same thing. There's nothing new in this world that didn't happen in the Bible. It's just out in the open more. People are more open with it. Miserable with it. Christians live their life. How are they will? Yes it will serve God over here and we're cursing him over here. Depends on which situation were in. And that's not what I want. That's not what I meant. I wanted you to the build the walls to protect my people. And as Christians, I think we've allowed the walls to be torn down the holes to go. We said, well I'm not going to let somebody else do it and wear, it wasn't him. I said, hey, it's our job. It's all hoosic Valley Community Church is here. Not because of me. but because of God, first and foremost, and because of us,

We either draw people in. Are we push people away? Now sometimes we can be living our life in a right and proper way. And people don't like that and it pushes them with Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow, awesome college football player who went to the pros didn't last long in the pros. One of the issues that they had with him was he know, he would bow down and he would pray to God. It is a black, he would have a verse written on his eye black, John 3:16 when he was in the playoffs. Somebody saw that, in fact, some 90 million people saw that John 3:16 written on his eye black and they looked it up. They Google to find out. What does that mean? So here one moment of a playoff in his life. Tim Tebow Minister, the 90 million people By reading, looking up, John 3:16 for God. So loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life, guess what? Planted and then, We can no longer Neal, you can't do that. We don't want to know until it was a different, cause then we could meal.

And then Monday night, you see a nation? A nation kneeling and asking God to spare the life of a young 24 year old man, whose heart just stopped after hit.

There was a good feeling. There was an onion, a mist of the trial and tribulation W there, but as you look back on it, that was a good feeling of a people coming together for One cost. Nothing else really mattered. Every mom who whose heart was attached, there was looking at that, say all my mom's heart, just hurts for his mom, not knowing what the situation is. And those of us who have played football at War, I wonder how many times I escaped that in my life when I play nine did this and other areas and are but a nation, if you will, has come together to pray for this young man. And it's a good feeling. Last Night, Football was on. And everybody is a love for number 3. Love for number 3, is going to happen again today. That's an awesome thing. But how long till it wears off? How long till we get right back to where We were. Is it a praying to God? Beseeching him on the half behalf of somebody else without cursing him because things don't go our way. On my way. Nehemiah said hey let us come together, let us build the wall and then Nehemiah 6:15, it says and they came together. They did the work and then 52 days. The wall was built and repaired. You know how they did that? They were working with one hand and had their sword in the other. Ready for the enemy. I'm afraid that as Christians today, many of us have laid down our swords. What? We're supposed to love, what we are. We are. But I have responsibilities as well to protect those. I love Right? I'm not out looking for a fight, I'm not out looking to beat somebody up. I am out looking to share the gospel message, with those around those who will hear it and those who won't but if I can live my life and plant a seed somewhere in somebody's life and that's even if it takes 30 years to grow, so be it.

The problem is, we're not always patient enough to wait thirty years, are we?

I shared in the early service, I shared it before in my Ministry, in my life, here at the church that I had. When I first came, I had five year plans, I had 10 year plans, I had 15 year, plans came here to start at church. Here's where I want to be in five years. Here's where I want to be in 10 years and here's where I want to be in 15 years and I can hear God up and have it gone, hahaha hahaha.

But those were my plan, nothing wrong with having plan something wrong with him and resolutions in your life, but God knows whether those things are going to happen or not. Do my five years came by and my plans were nowhere close to what I had written down. 10 years went by, and my plans were nowhere. Close to what I had for my 5-year or my 10-year plans. 15 years go by and watch plans, throw them out the window. We haven't gotten the five year plans, we haven't gotten to the 15-year point or 10 year plans much less than 15 year plans. And then all of a sudden and God's Will, and God's timing. And I can't tell you exactly when all of those things that I had hoped to happen in 5 years. All of those things that I had hoped to happen in 10 years. All of those things, I hope to happen in fifteen years. Boom there before me They've happened. And you just sat back, here you go. God. I'm not ready for this. Have you been there? I'm not ready for this is sort of like the time, my wife and I are talking about having children. We didn't want to have children while we were in Bible college. So I made her promise that would have a house fully as have. How can you promise such a thing could happen?

But she got out of college. She got pregnant. I have another year to go. Why? Because I said, a year out, trying to figure out what God's plan for me was. And while we were in college my, my last year college, Lacey was born. That following July.

Okay, she comes me one day says hey. I'm pregnant and I go, oh no. You know the feeling right? Responsibility is one thing as you heard me say a week or so ago. With when I got married and had guys over Monday Night Football didn't tell my wife. Right, that was one thing. I was responsible for somebody else and she's responsible for me. And she just said, will next time we if you just please tell me, okay? And I don't think I've ever had that happen again. I've never hit anybody over for Monday night football again.

Not because I couldn't or didn't you just this never really happened. But now not only am I responsible for her as a wife, we now have a child. That we got to be responsible. We can't just

hey, let's go do this. Okay, we'll give me an hour and a half as I can get the baby ready. Write more responsibility, takes more time, more effort, more responsibility takes more commitments, but in all that our commitment to God, you never change our commitment to God should be the same. All the all the while if we're committed to him, the rest of this falls into place and he guides us and directors according to his mercy and it might take 52 years. Or it might take 52 days. Nehemiah and his men, they were there. They did the work that God needed them to do. Rebuilding the walls preparing the place, making it safe for those Within And 52 days later. It was there.

We see a new place. We see a new ministry. God gives us New Year's for new places, New Year's for new ministry. If we're saying, hey this next year, I want to do things better and different. Then, let's try not to do things the same way we did last year. If that didn't become better and different, Right, let's change things up. Let's do it for God. God, you guide me guide. You directly. God. You help me to be what you want me to be. And as I go forth with you and I go for doing what you called me to do. We begin to see the ministry happen?

Let me backup, I didn't share this in your early service but I'll share this this morning. I just feel it's important to Throw some, some things out there we came to New York to start a bible-believing church. We target the Troy area. That's where we were looking at. I got involved with past to do it over the phone. He asked me to come and visit him in January of all the snow on the ground ice on the ground. Coming from Kansas to get here by Amtrak in a site where it's cold. Met with him at his church at a pastor's fellowship meeting. I left with another pastor and went to Peekskill New York. He wanted me to show the Peekskill area to me. One of the show it to me. So I would know whether God was calling me here or the Peekskill. You know how that worked out, right? Have you been to Peekskill? Different people there. And it's just a different feeling. I'm not a big city guy.

I came back and pass the dude. Text me out to the Greenwich area and I'm looking around. So dairy farms

Small towns. I like it. so we targeted in Greenwich, I started Church in Greenwich and there's some people in Greenwich at we're going to help us and be a part of it and and, and they did and they were But God had other plans. And my plans didn't work out and God's plans and what it took over. I wasn't really willing to follow, God's plans. You know I'm saying? I wanted my plans to work out. Elaine Kelly, John, Kelly Kelly Family, The Wilbur family, all part of that one day. They decided to go back to different places where God wanted to go. I said that's great. That's where God wanted. That's where you need to be. Right thing to say, right? But inside, I'm like God, what are you doing? This is how it's going to be. I didn't say it out loud all in my heart, but God knew my heart. Little church on Casiano opens up. Not at church. I wanted not a church. I was looking for. Bob Richardson was supplying for the enemy says hey I'm supplying for this church out and cost unit. I don't want to continue doing that Clyde. Would you be interested in doing that? So myself and Dennis, Woodcock would take turn can go on Sunday. I can go to the next Sunday. The one Sunny one of the ladies in the church came up to us. It took him up to me and I will pass your Clyde. We like you we like Dennis, we don't want to choose between the two of you, but we want one of you to be our full-time pastor. And I said, well, you know what, I'll talk to Dennis, he can have it. That was my answer. I'll talk to Dennis speak and have it. I mean I'm not interested. No church building with four little old ladies.

I didn't say that out loud either.

But God knew my heart. So, I called Dennis up that way. Cuz head, Dennis, let the ladies talk to me this morning. They're, they're interested in one of us, having big, becoming a full-time, Pastor, the church. I'm not really interested if you want it. You can have it. Venice. Answer to me was, well, I need to pray about that and I can't go next week. So if I could. You can you fill in for me next week? Sure dinner. So, I'll fill in for you next week, thinking, that was my last week there and he's going to take it. Cuz I wasn't even praying about it. I wasn't interested.

For the weekend. And I talked to Dennis at a function that we had there in the neck that next week after the next Sunday, I pray for him. I preach two Sundays in a row and he comes to me as it will Clyde. I prayed about it, I don't want it, it's yours.

And I'm not.

And I couldn't let him just not have a pastor. So I went back the next Sunday And I said to the lady as well, I guess Dennis not interested in. I'm here. And if you want me to be the pastor, not that I wanted to be the path if you want me to be the pastor, I'm willing. How do we do this thing? Right at the church, right? In front the ladies. Look at each other. It's official.

So I became the pastor of the Lakeville Baptist Church cost you in the New York population. 402 ducks.

I guess what? My heart wasn't in it. It was just a position. We heard about a, my wife's home church or to split and they were looking for pastors, different churches. Now, starting up looking for pasture. So we went to Maine and we did a little shopping around to see what was going on and met with a group that weekend and walked out of there. Soon, this is not what we want and on a ride back from Main back to New York, we talked about it, we prayed about it. And we said to each other, guess what? If this is, where God planted us, and this is, if this is where God wants us to be. Then this is where we're going to put our heart. So we went back to cautioning, put a heart into it and God begin doing things. Who won the church, begin to grow things, begin to happen, not because of me, but because of us, as a group of people, the ladies were inviting their children who haven't been to church in years back to church. The grandkids are coming to church and the church is growing, they're all excited, and then whammo got changes things. Hoosic Valley Community Church is Florida Falls in my lap.

Okay, I'm not interested. I wasn't Let me this church was running 32 people, I got 75 people out and toss. You know, why would I want to swap that around it? And all these people are coming since I became Pastor. I mean they had a passion before me for twenty years in the pasture before him was there for 20 years. They didn't talk much about the pastor before me. They talked about the pasture before him. They love that Pastor.

They didn't care much about the one before me. They didn't say that but just they didn't have much to say about it. I'm wondering what they thought about me. One. I resigned tell him, I'd be here forever. God's got a funny sense of humor. Don't tell God what you're going to do. Listen. commit yourself to him, listen to him, follow him because when We did everything we needed to do, to check the boxers for hoosic Valley, Community Church. It kept coming back to hoosic Valley. Hoosic Valley, hoosic Valley. And you know the rest of that story. 30 years ago, get we are Wonder what you going to say about me. When I leave here, I don't really care.

I don't I'm just going to do what I do. Do what I say this week, we get too caught up about what other people think about us. Not what God knows about us. And when we commit ourselves to God, This is going to be alright. Amen. I can't help what you think of me. I can only do what I can do. But when were committed to God. This is going to be alright. Now listen I don't want to walk out here on are making letting you think I'm walking out here thinking I'm I'm not I'm not all that. Because I don't always commit to God the way I should let you know that. I think you do because Clyde mccaskill gets in the way. Here's what I want. Here's what I desire. And God says, pay attention. Here it is.

We get that hit. That sometimes Mike stop our spiritual heart. And make her stay came and okay. God, what now? What? Now, because I think there's a multitude of people today that reviewed what took place On that football field Monday night. Is it okay. God what now What? Now, I'll tell you what, believe? In the Lord Jesus Christ. And you will be saved. We're all going to spend eternity somewhere, a man. Whether it's here. Inhale. Or in heaven with God if there's no, he'll there doesn't need to be a heaven and there's no Heaven. There doesn't need to be a hell. And I have to believe there's there is a hell because a lot of people talk about it. I hear a lot of people telling people to go there. So why would you tell people to go someplace? That is fictional God sent his son into this world. That we might have eternal life through him. Not by my works, not by my abilities, but guess what? We need to build the wall. We need to commit to God. We need to plant the seed, not just for us. but for the generations to come, So, what are you doing today? The plant, the seed of Jesus. For the generations to follow us. I don't know how long. Staring is coming. I don't know when he's coming back. Jesus doesn't even know what scripture says, only the father. But one. One day, God is going to say to his son Jesus, Son. Go get my children. And we who believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ will be caught up with him. Until that day. Hey, if my heart stopped beating the day, I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded that. He is able to keep that which I have committed committed unto him against that day. If I were to ask you this morning, if you died right now, where would you spend eternity? What would your answer be answer that in your heart if your exercise is? Well, I'm not sure. You can be sure what the faces. You none of us have been there. It's a faith issue, but it's committing Our Lives to God first. If he is, who he says, he is in Genesis chapter, 1 in the beginning, God. If he is who he says, he is a creator of all things. Then he's got us all. Figured out, he knows our heart, he knows our desires. So walk with him. And let the rest of the chips fall where they make, as your planting the seeds along the way allow God to guide. You allow God to direct you allow God to help you be. What you need to be. because we need God. But we also need one. Another Amen. My right leg cannot do what my right leg needs to do. If my left leg is not going to help out. So it can carry the weight of my left leg of, it has, too many times in this happened. We watch the young man, my wife, and I yesterday in the basketball game, had an arm that wasn't working right in the leg, that wasn't working, right? But he was out there on the basketball court doing his part and yes, others were being kind to this young man backing off and letting him have his part in that. Nothing how nice of the coaches to allow this young man out there is a play other players? No, no he's not able to And maybe when he gets up to Varsity, maybe he won't be unseen. But then maybe again he will He might be a little dependent on things today. the man, God can change all of that if he so desires and he could be a pro basketball player, someday if that was God's will, Or preacher. Which we all should be. During the word. Wherever we go. Father, we thank you. Help us to commit Our Lives to you. Help us to put you first and foremost in all things. Paulino the needs in his life, you know, the birds of on each heart. We ask that you to apply those needs. As you see fit, help us ale those Burns at your feet. Allow you to carry away the trials and tribulations of our life. Help us to focus on you as we should. Father, we pray for those in our church going through difficulties in their life. Those dealing with cancer we think and Leslie Sanders and we think of Chris Aldi we think of Diane Cesaro. We think of Danny Bailey, we ask your hand upon others in our church that are having some