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Turned up. Coming up crying cat, baby.

We should have got a disco ball, show me.

I got all my brothers and sisters with me. That we go. I didn't do the whole song.

I even found the original 1979 video.

So on that note. Good morning again fam, you know what I am. So Grateful to be your pastor. Thank God that he saved me in this church and called me to pastor this church. I thank God every day for that because I'm honored that he would, you somebody like me for one and that I feel loved in this church. I feel accepted in this church and I want you to feel the same acceptance among each other. And from me,

so today we're starting to 7 series called We Are Family. Because that's what we are. This church is a family inside a big family. This is off a small family and then we have extended family out outside of this church. Meaning, in, in in our Christian Life, this is all family. This is our home and then we also have extended family of all around the world, all the other believers in the world are part of our family. But we're going to be talking about local family, which is this family right here. So we're going to be choking church for the next 3 weeks. So I want you to understand what a church is and why it is A good and biblical idea. To belong to one to belong to one, not just hang out on Sundays but actually belong. Cuz you can you can join and be a member of a church and still not really belong to that church. You don't participate with that church. So today I'm going to start in in 1st Corinthians 12 and take a look at how tall is comparing the church to the actual physical body. So if you want to follow along in a few Bibles it's page, 90 to, but Jackie started and

All the checks is going to come off of that page. So we're going to do, we going to do summer 12 and we're going to do chapter 14.

Going to, I'm going to use. This body metaphor as my teaching point to teach the benefits of being part of this body.

See a church family provides a team to work with. A-Team. When you apart of the family, that's how even family Dynamics should work. By the way at home, you should be 18.

if you're young and together,

it's just too usually in the team and then threw your life. You got to pick a team and then it goes kind of bigger and bigger and bigger cuz your team gets bigger and bigger and bigger. But that is what our church you supposed to do with supposed to be a team. As a Christian, you not supposed to be a Lone Ranger. These people that say, I believe in God but I don't need the church. They haven't read the Bible for one. because every believer needs of a believer's for many reasons who's going to hold me accountable, if I don't have other believers in my life, Who's going to support me when I'm down? Who's going to? Who am I going to look for build up? I'm doing this all by myself.

On a desert island. That's not what Jesus wants for the church. Jesus wants us to be a family. You see, we need a team around is to support as a team is a unit working together and passed the church to a buddy. Some members are arms some members, the legs, some of them members of The Hearth, some members of the kidneys, All of them, we need to function.

A church family provide the units that we can work with to make us stronger. I'm not going to grow without you. You're not going to grow without all of us. That's how you grow people cuz they wore you and they prune you as you go through life, they help you grow. And by the way, you can you can grow by hanging out with people that do not as mature in the Walkers you cuz they eat you something to that, they can teach you to remember what it was like when you first became a Christian, And you just sit there, doing nothing. Because when you first get saved, you excited. You can't stop talking about Jesus show much show. That your wife. Is that all you could talk about,

And says, hey how come every subject goes back to Jesus because I believe every subject is about Jesus.

But that's the passion you have. When you first get saved Onion boy. You been a Christian Saturday. The more you forgotten what it was like when you first met Jesus when you were lost.

So, it's good to have. Show called Baby Christians around. It's also good to have mature Christians around. People that are strong in their face. People that have walked with Jesus for a very, very long time. Knightdale. He almost walked with Jesus.

And on that point, by the way. Mountain calendar for Sunday, the 29th at 2, I think it is cuz we're going to celebrate after church, Dale's 90th, birthday.

You're going to be there or you're Square.

Turn on the sanctuary. We're going to put all the tables in. I'm going to celebrate 92. You should be that, it's Tails impacted your life in any way you should mark your calendar for that day. There's a tree on the Sunday, the 29th.

Sub talking about team. His head is a acronym for you that you can write down to remember what being a part of a team means. So T is for together cuz you can't have a team without more than one person. Right.

The E is for each.

Hey, is for accomplished.

And the end is from all because the team each accomplish this goal.

The Gabba eat.

so remember that together we will accomplish more

Together. Cuz that's what it means to be part of a church, you know?

They want the news called. The miracle Creek. 9 - 9 - with trap for 3 Days 240 ft underground in a water-filled mine shaft.

They decided from the get-go. They were going to eat a die together.

Oh, they were going to live together. So the water was 55 degrees Fahrenheit, that's pretty cold for 3 days. But so The war, the war that threatened to kill them Slowly by hot the phone Mia. So according to a news reporter when one would get cold The paint was huddled around that person, a walnut person. And when another person got called the favor was returned.

This was a comment by Howie menu. Who told reporters everybody had strong moments?

Any certain time, maybe one guy got down and then the rest pull together. And then and then that guy would get back up and maybe someone else would feel a little weaker, but it was a team effort.

That's the only way it could have been. They faced incredible hostile conditions together and they all came out alive together.

That is the picture of the body of Christ. That's how the body of Christ is supposed to work. You see, that's why we need to belong to a church because I don't know about you, but sometimes life sucks.

And you know, that's why that's why it's so bad when you walk into especially church, this really bugs me by the way. It's cuz everybody, you asked how that doing? I'm good, I'm fine. Do you know? Not everybody in this room can be good today. You know.

At least one of us. Has something going on. That's not good. At least one of us says, you know, I'm having a real crappy day today.

You know, I don't know why we think that how you're doing. How you doing in the world? You can answer however you want but when you're at church, you should say look, I'm having a really crappy day. You know, what happened to me today?

XYZ, you name it.

I was going to tell a story but I've been up.

but everybody have crappy days, everyone of us and this should be a safe place because we're a team that we're going to come alongside you and and, and build you up because that's what this place is supposed to be a place where you can feel

Part of a family. A part of a team.

A team acquired Dependable dependability in its members. Doesn't it it needs. It needs to be Dependable. Pulled pork past the church to the body. Remember what happens when some part of the body does the function?

If you put a pot of you, if your kidneys are functioning, right, it causes other problems. Okay, you don't just stop kidney problems. I had a bad toe toe cause problems throughout my whole leg. One. Come my little toe to show you the picture. I ask my doctor to cut it off cuz it's so small but she said, you can't do that and I'm like, why not? And I said, cuz you can cut it up, I don't have no pain cuz I don't have no choice. Because it doesn't work like that. But anyway, Anyway. It's not a good idea cuz we fix the problem. It took a while, but it got fixed, but it cause more problems throughout my whole leg and then it, it also caused problems that I didn't know I had. Because that's when I started feeling my hip from my child because I would come since 8 for my toe and then put all the strain on my head, because that's what you do with all your body parts, not working you compensate. that's what we're supposed to work together, because Renato gifted the same. We don't have the same talents, some have more than others, but we need use the talents that we have.

So, I want to ask you.

A few questions on dependability. If your car cost a one-time out of three, would you consider it dependable?

Know if you if you fail to come to work two or three times a month, would your boss call you a Dependable worker? Absolutely no. if you refrigerate a quit for a day now, and then Do you? Excuse it and say, hey, but it works most of the time

If your water heater greet, you every now and again, I had the pleasure of this the other day with cold water.

It's not in the Bible anymore.

if you missed a couple of mortgage payments, oh yeah. Eubank something to go. Hey 10 out of 12 is good.

Too bad. Seaweed as people expect faithfulness, and dependability in our lives.

To me, this is the most important part of your life, by the way. Belonging to a church and being a Christian of belonging to a church is the most important thing that you could ever do for your life. Because it's going to help you. Not hinder you.

So we as Christians should be Dependable people. We should be faithful people. So when someone says, hey we're going to have a work day. We should want to help cuz this is our church building. Where the church Cuz if this building burnt down today, we're still the church was still Calvary Memorial without this building.

This building is just a building that dogs allowing us to use right now. That is blessed with

churches on the wall that meet under a tree every Sunday. That's still a truck. It doesn't make them to charge the people make Church's so we should be Dependable. We should, we should want to be a part of my family and want to be involved in the family. When they when they stuff going on, you should want to attend if it all possible. You should want to hang out.

See. This should be. Oh, so true about the church. You see many people want to attend church but they don't want the demands of Judge. They want to show up on Sunday and pay the Hollinger, cuz that's what they do. Is they going to pay my car insurance. I paid my house and shower on Sunday. I'm going to go pay my car insurance by hanging out at church for an hour and a half. Unless you come here then sound 45 minutes. But So, I'll premiums a little higher than everybody else's. but, That's what you do. If you only coming to church on Sunday. He's what you're doing. You're just going out of my list for the week. I went went to church on Sunday, I don't have to go until next Sunday. I can work out them doors and act 11b who do whatever I want. But I

I'm good.

That's a problem. I'm in this church to put them in every single Church in America and in the world.

Take the Bible teaches that we have gifts and abilities and passions the other people need from us.

I can't do it all. Andrew Conn.

John conduit. All We all have to do it together.

We all have to do it together. We are part of a family.

This is what I want to drive home in this church. That a truck is supposed to be a family. Families work together.

We use our gifts for each other and to pick up God's name and lift it up high.

We share the workload, we share the responsibilities.

See a church family gives me and you a place to belong. Me and that is when you need is you

gives you a place to belong. When you join a church, you belong to something. Something way bigger. Way bigger than you can even imagine.

Send the picture in the vision for this Chuck. This Chuck chest in, in, in the vision that I believe God gave me for this church.

He gave me a vision that we need to emphasize as a church and church is family. That we are all brothers and sisters.

All brothers and sisters.

And that's why I thought you was at family all the time cuz I want that to enter in our heads. And not lie. Because I believe that is what we are supposed to be. We are supposed to be a family because we want to ask the church to give people a place to belong.

A sense of roots.

Like this is where I'm supposed to be, I believe. When I walked in this church, that this is what God wanted me.

And that was many times, my own cell phone. Why? To myself because things happening and and people act like babies. And I'm talking about me right now.

Because here's the thing is I am going to call you at some point in my life you are going to hug me at some point in your life. Just never grow.

I mean, my wife's with, Mimi for 32 years we have fought each other a few times over 32 years in our actions or words.

It's hard. When you get close, that's why so many people don't want to get close because relationships take work to get to know people takes work to love, people takes work. And we don't want to do that cuz we just want to pretend with. Okay, I'll be sleep cuz everybody's okay when you asked him, can we put this Loom? 6 ft barrier around us. And say, hey don't come into me. I don't want you to know who I really am. I want to pretend to be something. I'm not

I want this to be a place. You can be whoever you are. You can be whoever you are. And still be loved. Still be accepted.

When you, when you have that kind of environment, it makes two basic needs that. We have that every human has, when you have a place to belong, you have a place where you feel as if you are important. And you are important. Each and every one of you is important.

When do you have some ways that you feel like you belong, you will feel important. You will feel important. Verses 15 through 19. Let's take another look at them if the foot should say because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body that would not make it any less part of the body.

And if you should stay because I am not an I, I do not belong to the body that would not make it any less part of the body.

If the whole body would where would be the sense of hearing, if the whole body was in the air, where would be the sense of smell?

but as it is go to Range, the members in the body, each one of them as he chose

If all were single member, where would the body be? You know what? I'm not a fan of

It drives me crazy. This dust. That when you kids now they can go join a soccer league or football league and everybody gets a trophy.

And everybody's a winner. They can play basketball. Everybody on the team wins.

But there's one thing I can appreciate about that. I'm not a fan of it because I think you kids to learn how to win and Loops, okay, but that's a good thing. About it. Emphasizes the value of every single child.

She sometimes children get lost in the shuffle in the sports. Sometimes children. Don't get looked at because they're not superstars. Should I get lost? Who actually shows shows the value of each child that's in it.

That's what I like about it. I still think we should compete and whoever gets the most points should get the trophy at the end of the day. But that's that's what I think. I think we can show up kids value of a wage but that's the only good thing about it. In my opinion is that it shows value. You see, but it's a hard to strike. A good balance between competition and building up people.

but that should be the goal of the of the goal and I think all churches should have a goal of building up people. The actually we live in that World, by the way. See we live in the world that I just explained that I don't like, Competition. We were all competing. We were all losers.

We were all lost. We were all losses. But Jesus Kevin's, all the trophy. Choice much as I don't like it.

There's an aspect of the Gospel in there.

Is the access point to the good news that you see, we were all losers but we all got the trophy.

The only difference was, we have to realize that we needed the trophy.

See the hall is vital to the human body. The kidney is applied to the human body, the lungs, a vital to the human body. But even so people should understand that they are vital to God's body and that God loves that. We should. His people know that we are vital. Pizzas. Do you know that you're not here by accident? And I don't just mean on Fox. You walked into this church today and it wasn't by accident.

You could think of I just got up and came to church, but that wasn't it. Cuz some of you weren't here last week. Today, God wanted you at church cuz your hair.

Nobody was here by accident.

I think God wants us. He wants you and me to partner together. He wants you to be a part of this truck. He wants you involved in the church. He wants you to function in this church.

Did Jesus reach reach out to people who bite Society standards? We're losers and made when is out of them. You made when it's out of them. I'm here with them people that I just don't like it when I talk about it like that, but I love it when I'm talking about, Jesus. Cuz I didn't deserve to win. How about you, what you think you deserve to win? You're in the wrong place but I didn't deserve to win.

Jesus, made us winners. Not because anything that you did but because of everything he did.

Then every one of us has a need to feel appreciated. Everyone of us. Every single one of those wants to hear. Good job.

I want to hear well done my good and faithful.

That's what I want to hear. Well done. My good and faithful 7. That's what, that's what I long to have one day. I want to shove him.

Meet him. and hopefully live a life that God says that to me. and I want that for all of you, I don't got to be out of say that to you. I want got to say at the church that we served him. Wow.

The only did was lift his name up, we didn't fight about stupid stuff. But we lifted his name up. notice what he post rights in verses 23 and 25 through 25 and on those parts of the body that we think less, honorable we bestow the greater honor And unfair presentable part A treated with great and modesty which are more presentable parts. Do not require but God has so composed the body given greater honor to the part that lacked it. that they may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same time for one another

I'll tell you this, whatever you expect out of me as your pastor.

You should give me.

If you expect love and respect and meet you, I'm going to do that anyway. But what I'm saying is if that's what you expect out of me. You should be doing it too. We're supposed to be working together as a body skin. The churches should be healthy a healthy dose of appreciation among members.

The senior adults should appreciate the younger Folk.

And the young people should appreciate the older people.

The singles should appreciate.

The married and the marriage should appreciate the singles and new people should appreciate those who have been members, who have been that a long, long time. But all the people that have been in a long time, should really appreciate the new people.

I know to count accounting, the workload should appreciate those who are developing and those who are developing, should appreciate those who have been developing. See. And the traditional people, the people like the traditions. Should appreciate the people that have contemporary and the Contemporary should appreciate the traditional.

Me. I fall in both categories cuz I like it all. When it comes to traditional contemporary, I like all things about worshiping God. All things about The white people preach God's word.

But there's room for both.

This is one hot for me, the perfectionist.

Should appreciate those who are laid back.

But the laid-back people she don't show up. Preciate the perfectionist.


Some may even come. Crazy.

But this is the vision I have for this church that we can appreciate and love each other. She ate should be replaced. This church should be a place that gives people a home to belong to a home to belong and to give people a spiritual Family.

because this is, The church.

The people.

And my church family gives me love.

Save us. Trampolines 12, pool deals with a subject that was troubling, the amphibians chart. Listen to this subject with spiritual gifts, that's why I wrote that chapter, by the way, because they were arguing about spiritual gifts. That was division, confusion and controversy surrounding the subject. And this one of them tell you is that some people have more talents and gifts,

But you know what? That means that they have more responsibility.

But everybody has a talent. Everybody has a spiritual gift. Not everybody is using it but everybody has one.

What's funny is the full foliage of a cheetah? Chapter 12 controversy, chapter 14 and penis a chapter about love.

The other one is love overcomes to ask the obstacles, that separate us. That's what it does. Tell us love covers all differences.

I've always said that this one Tire open and close times Village e, I can talk to you about my open on sale G. We don't have to agree on any of that we can we can we can this this some stuff will never know and I mean, never even, let me die, we're not going to find out. But then this post and stuff, God, created the universe, you're not arguing that with me. I believe that God created the universe in the Bible is true. Jesus was born of a virgin potency ology There's not supposed hands. Okay. There's a lot to open hand. Theology, we don't have to fight over it. We can get along. The clothes hands are pretty serious. We need to believe that that's the core of our beliefs, but the Open Hand, it's okay to have a bit different felegy.

Nobody can understand the Bible 100%. So, so over the years That's what we have so many denominations, by the way, because they didn't get along. And they go home, I don't believe. That's why I'm going to be a new church. That's why we got so many denominations that used to be one church back in the day and I don't mean one Church, Catholic Church, I mean one Church prior to the Catholic church. That was one show. It was Jesus Christ Church.


One Church.

You say?


love succeeds when all else fails. Chapter 13. If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love. I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers and understand all Mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all Faith so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

If I give away all I have and if I deliver up my body to be burned but have not love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient and kind love, does not envy or boast and it is not arrogant. Love 16. When prophecy fails, love succeed, When Faith fails. Love succeed. When benevolence failed love succeed, when confusion over gifts failed, this is what Paul saying you are doing all of this stuff, is what I'm going to tell you, love wins.

That's what you saying, love wins.

That's what we're supposed to do, love each other.

We should be looking for ways to love one another.

Love is patient and kind love does not envy or boast. It is not out of them or rude. It does not insist on its own way. It is not irritable or resentful. It does not rejoice at wrong doing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears. All things believes all things, hopes all things, endures, all things.

Love Never Ends. As the prophecy, they will pass away. After the tongues, they will cease. As for knowledge. It will pass away. Sea love. Overcomes all of our shortcomings. See, this is how I say this.

At is patient. He isn't. But this is how you should read this, by the way, and he's patient in Adductor and post but don't put my name in that, put your name in it. I just give you a heads up. I don't think it's only applies to me but put your name in this text. Add is not arrogant. Or rude ad does not insist on it his own way. He is not irritable or resentful.

Add does not rejoice of wrongdoing, but he rejoices with the truth. Add basil, things at believes all things at hope. So things at indoors all things.

Ads, love never ends at the prophecy that going to pass away. As for tongues, they will see after knowledge, it will pass away. That is how you supposed to read. That's why you should memorize that text. Maybe that will change the way you treat other people. That's what I need to do.

Cuz I don't live that out. that's what the Bible says, telling me that Real Love Is

You know what it means to hope all things.

It means you don't think the worst until you got the facts.

A good, a good, a good. Thing is this is it if your significant other comes home late from work and you get mad at them? Okay. Before, you know, the facts.

You think you hope the best?

Cuz if you love right, that you would love like Jesus loves.

That's what we need to do. He finish it.

For we know in part and we prophesize info. But when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child by the way, we're not children anymore. When I became a man. I gave up childish ways. for now we see in the mirror dimly But then face to face. Now I know in part, then I shall know. Fully even even as I have been fully known So now faith hope love abide.

I think is the face, pretty pretty, pretty important. I think hopes pretty important. Chris about faith in Christ. We lost. Without the hope of the Resurrection with doomed. But pull right out of all, three of them. Love is the greatest.

I mean we live by Faith and Hope every single day we need to start living with love for one another as a church family. And if we can do that, we're going to love this world. I'm going to make Heaven Fuller, because we existed.

That is my goal. I want heaven to be full of because God used me. Not because of anything I did did cuz I don't think I'm capable of anything.

I know for a fact, the old that I do is because God allows you doing. No, because I'm gifted but because he is in me.

The orchard family provides a team to work with a family to belong to and a place to love and be loved.

And personally. I think that's worth an investment. I think that's any good good investment if you can if you can feel like a part of a team and you can feel a part of the family and you can feel love and you can give love what more is there.

What mall is that? And that's where we need to belong and we need to get closer and stop being afraid. If somebody asked you, hey, how are you doing? And you don't feel good that day if you got a crappy day, If you don't go and I don't even know how many lights on a my house call somebody.

Don't hide. Don't pretend. This is a place that we should not have to wear masks. And hide behind. This is a place where you should feel loved. And comfortable. So this week, I want you to re-read 1st Corinthians 12:12 through 31.

And then I want you to because we're praying, we should be anyway, I want you to pray how God wants to use you as part of the body of this church. What talents do you have that? You can plug in to be a part of this church. And get involved.

because, We Are Family on my brothers and sisters, We Are Family. Okay, let us pray. They have any father. We thank you. We thank you that. That that we are apart of your family that this church is a small family inside a big family. That one day, we're going to meet all of our brothers and sisters from around the world.

Blood pray that you can grow, stronger and unity. Grow stronger in our faith, but most of all God grows in our love for one another. Because if we can show people our love how we love one another

We can love them.

They will know you and know who you are and you.

Amazed. And you love us. Even when we're stupid, you love us. When we, we don't do your will. I know that. How, cuz I plead with you to unite as a family and become one in Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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