Your Help Will Come From Unexpected Places

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Verse 8. Then the word of the Lord came to him saying. All right, go to verify which belongs to sit on and what are their? I have commanded a widow there to provide for you. So he arose and went 205 the way he came to the gate of the city. Where was there, and he called to her and said please? Bring me a little water in a cup that I may drink. I know she was going to get it. He called to her and said please bring me a morsel of bread in your hand. So he's said so she said as the Lord your God Lives, I do not have read only a handful of flour in a bin and oil in a jar for myself and my son that we may eat it. And I and Elijah said to her, I do as you have said what make me a small cake for the first and bring it to me. And afterward make something for yourself and your son. What does says the Lord God of Israel? The been a flower shall not be used until the day of the Lord say. So she went away and then and she said,

And she, and he, and her household for many days. The bigger flower was not used up nor did the jar of oil runs dry. According to the word of the Lord, which he spoke by Elijah and God.

So where on the series, I need a miracle? Last week, we started on.

The second part of this message, your help will come from unexpected places.

And I want to continue on what I'm calling part 2 of that point that you help from unexpected places.

We have looked. And I've seen how God intervenes in the lives of his people. And what we have seen so far, is how God intervene in your life and how because of your obedience, something Supernatural happen. We experienced hard times. I categorize, the reason did the three groups. We experienced hard times because of one of these three reasons why it's natural. It's nature. It's going to happen by virtue of us being born into this world. There's something that's going to happen to us. That is natural. As you get older do anymore. Are you have difficulty?

Because of him we didn't he ready? Terry reasons. You might have had diseases that are in your bloodline.

There's another category of that are results of our choice. best things happen to us difficult, things happen to us because of Choices. We make. Things we decide to do. Whether right or wrong. And then we have our experience, a different difficult time. And the third category. Are those experiences that happen because God is trying to get that. His name would be glorified answer today. As we, as we continue to. Look at this. I want to reflect on those three reasons that I've given, because, oftentimes in our society today. We are told that by example and healthy in your way. That's the perception that is given some time. unless, You must have done something wrong, but that's what happened to you. And that's not always the case. They were deliberate and going out and didn't protect himself, but I did.

That's something that happened.

Necklace. They got caught up with the virus. Well, that's your choice. You didn't do what you're supposed to do. Regardless of the fact, we should always try to understand. What is it that has in store for me today. That is on the way. and we looked at day, the story of

isolated because Syria is basically we saw how the lepers were the cops decided to buy face, but went to the camp and when they got there, they realized that the car stereos.

And that we look at.

Five Points that we said, we should really take a section. That we said be careful who you take instructions from Breaking Point. Focus was on 2nd Kings 7:20. Then we said, also, you must have a balanced evaluation of your circumstances. We talked about the car that always under his work. Whatever. God says he will do, you would always honor his words? It'll be safe point. We said when you have received your breakthrough, remember to Sherry, and if it's what we said, not everyone will believe your testimony of God's Deliverance. Understand navigate breakfast places. Last week we said don't hesitate and we should have gotten your obedience can sometimes result in a hard time? And start point we said last week. We said God always have proficient, you work for you. I know where you are, at whatever's happened as what you're outside of the will of God, but when you are in the word of God, always.

And we started looking last week. We said the first profession was God Elijah.

And you are going to get water from the brook and then go. When you get to the brook. I'm going to send a raven. I got Raven is going to bring you food, and we said bye. Bye, nature of a date.

The Raven. We pray that we don't miss the blessings of God because we expected it from some other places. But unexpected places and circumstances. I still believe this is crazy. I still believe that we have just brushed off the surface.

I believe the God says it's time.

I'm going to show you those who Faithfully. Trust me. I'm going to show you what what I can do.

And the third point is where we going to pick up on and it turns off the provision that God has for you with the Widow. And the prophet. We didn't get the lady's name. That was important to the story. But what she did is what we need to pay close attention to. Is interested by the way that as we talked about help coming from an unexpected, The Raven? What bring food? I know. We look to the Widow. know if you study with Middle Eastern, Culture understand.

Unless you know, she has a lot of Fortune that is possible. Give it to her and she has to depend on family to take care of her. And we saw some in, in, in, in the tech, in what we look in the New Testament. And we're Believers, the widows were complaining that they were not taking care of. By the time, I need him a message from God through the Widow is truly.

With what we had expected in Elijah to bring food.

I'm worse. Elijah hunt just said a few years. Back. No rain is coming.

This woman had no husband. No, no one to take care of her.

We said that crazy means, wild and uncontrolled. What we want to turn it into positive.

She needed the money. And the money was written before she know she needed it. I was delivered and you know how so?

Capillary V is sufficient describe how we always feel?

You are feeling crazy.

We said, Morocco. It comes from the word Dynamite. Something that comes to bridge Asian.

Something behind Beyond intervention.

An Occurrence that different.

Hallelujah, I wonder if you need a miracle today. Something that Define. Human behavior.

So that's where we find ourselves today.

Rockler. Elijah.

No interest in me, the English translation for Zarephath mean.


Terrifying. God is taking us to the offer. He's leading us to that spot to refi. The experiments are set in motion.

If you trust God. It's not in its response. It's Not Over.

It's not done with its refining. God is taking us into that level.

Interesting me.

And he did. I know you have to run from a house by the river.

And the place that.

What happen when God leaves you?

A situation.

It's not us. Prosperous.

If it's a wonder, you aren't.

I don't drop test.

Turn up the water. He had him there for the time.

Sauropod. The place offers training. Kenny went down to terrified that you will provide for you. Oh gosh. It isn't Preston. The place thereof is, instead of sitting is a place that ain't her father-in-law.


It's known as the god of storm.

Dog shelter near me. I want you to go because you're going to see Tristan because Elijah.

Eternal God is with God who is with us down in the presence of the enemy.

Sometimes we walk out of the will of God because it doesn't stick to our criteria Shuman Center.

By providing for us. Crazy Rocco. I'm control switch and control it.

I need a holy ghost, Morocco. I need something that is Supernatural.


The band I stopped and I thought about this for a while,. Why am I here? Why don't you understand that place that you are?

I've learned about Western tell you this and all my life. That whenever I have whenever I'm at the moment, I'm going to enjoy the best of my ability.

I hope I dream for something better, but I'm not going to just wait on that dream to come true.

in the Here and Now You hear what I'm saying? We live in the future. I never enjoy the present.

I said, one more time. Sometimes we live in the future. I never enjoy the present. And we always we always say, I wish I had. Where I get, I will. I just saying I will when I if I can. 169 on the wall.

God bless you, with two.

Is wrestling. The ultimate God wanted Elijah to go. Westmont, Illinois. Remember the storm won't Carmen.

But you don't hear me this morning. So here is just a test.

Elijah didn't know. He was going to go up to Carmel. Because I guarantee you if God has set them down. After he had to run from a herb. And tell him the reason why I'm going to tell you.

Not Me, Lord.

If you think I'm joking after he defeated them.

I want to pay you for it.

Some of you might be saying her husband. I want a wife because if I give you one, if I bless you with, that is going to mess you up.

I want to see you anymore. Text Jeremy.

Pasadena car. Somebody call you. Rollin say thank you is at what time?

Who cares?

Bless me, Jesus.

Ultimately Elijah was going to represent. At Mount Carmel.

I'm at Mount Carmel. God's intention was to demonstrate that he alone is all-powerful. The journey that God took Elijah on.

God showed up for Elijah and performed crazy.

Elijah. Spiritual journey was designed by God ultimately to give glory to God.

Let's pick up from where we left off. As I leave you. A few points are closed off today. because a lot of times, We try to figure out what is it that God wants me to do. Where is it? That God wants me to go. How is it that God wants me to work? Nnn, we lose track of the sight of God, says, I just want you to open. White. We are right at the spot. You are. Oh, baby, please. And the rest will.

I'm leaving it to the brook. What you got going to be at the brook?

Can you follow me on the monitor, please? God will lead you.

Even. In the anime.

Larry Fine. lead, you Even into the elephant.


Anybody feel that you're in the air and it was territory. situation around, you do seem to be at

I got news for you. That even in the enemies.

Even the worst of places God is still shut up. He says

we can study at Bell, and

Look at the different places in the text are always under. Never got off the back office.

But you have to remember. Elijah, as you respond. As not pushing you out here, remember video?

You might feel that you are there. God says, I've got you. I'll protect you. Secondly, verse 8 and verse 9. God will lead you to the play design.

Not only is he going to take you into that is the time? Find your means to bring out the best in you. that's why sometimes, that's why sometimes

He's building you up. He strengthen, you. We offered say, I want don't want to stay in the house of God. I mean, if you want to Crazy rapper.


If you want a crazy miracle. Do you have to have a crazy problem? You have to have a problem that you can't talk. Arkansas.

I got to get to the point.

It's at this place. I'm going to refi.

God will lead you to understand. He has to remember that when God leads you to the position yesterday.

So, if you are Elijah. Remember that. God's got it off. He will take you there, but he is already.

I need it. Have you thought the cops? Got it all figured out.

Got to leave you by yourself. I would never leave you. I will never forsake you I'll be with you.

Guess what? God says in verse 10.

And went to Sarah phone. And when he came to the gate of the city, Indie was their Gathering. How do you call to, please bring me a little water in a cup?

You got to be careful, you encounter. Cuz sometimes your breakthrough. It's coming to that person. She is not. The person was providing it.

And sometimes you might turn away your blessings.

You heard me, share the story about the guy who was on top of his roof, and he prayed for God to deliver him. Pass by and he waved it off. Wait for God to deliver me. A helicopter came and he said no to deliver me. And went to heaven. I got you what I sent a boat and a helicopter.

Sometimes God sends someone.

How Could my blessings?

Do we do need help on that mean?

Elijah Hughes that we do provide for you. Pick up. I don't have no way of sending Elijah in the middle of a fight Jones. That's crazy thinking.

Got so, hold on.

Got so you think you see anything yet?

Crazy miracle. Only God.

Be careful how you turn away your blessings. Careful, how you kick it to the side.

Fourth point. Don't do nothing sources. God has provided. Don't come from the right place.

Ticket. Thank God for God is just checking you out. If you are going to be the person he wants you to be and said, all of us II, I'm going to send it to you.

Do you know some folks?

If it comes from Brother, Ronald.

but if it comes from a teacher, I don't want

What what she has? I don't want.

so, you bring something to bless them and they put it away because you're not in, like,

I hope we don't have that here today. Anyway, you bless me, Lord.

Anyhow, you bless me. Lord. I will be satisfied.

God, you was the cross and now he's used to provide for his servants. God can use anything.

Don't don't understand.

Don't limit your request. For what?

Hear me and hear me good. As I was starting this Sunday.

Ask for what you want. What is it that you want to do?

How is it that you want God to bless? You? Tell him? Lord, let your bill because this is what I want.

Are here will tell, you know, that's not what you need. What do you want? You need? You never know?

What musical? I just got into this Barber Shop. A dog. That's crowded. I don't know about you guys, but in a barber shop, has a certain feel to it. A certain protocol that are in the barbershop. I understand if you have a designated Barber that you cut, and.

And if your Barber is not dead.

You don't cost a thing. And when you come in, there's a static. But when you are new today, Barbershop, you kind of looking around, you don't know who is, who is The person that is closest to the door, one of the better one.

Whose Line is long.

I didn't know, I have to make appointments.

I sat there and I was waiting on this other guy cuz he seemed too and I'll wait to get next to somebody. Walk off the street and the guy was I got in the car and then he looked over at me and he said you wanted to cut as well.

Closed mouths. Don't eat food. In other words,, you got to say, you need to cut. Because all the people going to come before you.

Treasure hunt.

Don't forget to identify those working. Bless that you might my request.

Because because because one person stress and left again.

Interpreter in Bethel.

Cars your blessing to be an inspiration to me. My limited faith will see how much God bless me right now. Don't limit to request you, like yourself.

When I was young kid in my community Jamaica, I heard the story of a man who got hit by a car. And everybody come running and screaming. Oh my God.

Under my line on the grown up in the pilot.

He's like, if you could get me a drink, get me something to eat.

Four thing this morning.

Keep it up. I've been praying for.

Bless me, indeed.

Let me close with this last point. The Widow's response. The call of God, do you have? The prophets response. And now you have to wait. This is not just isolated. God bless. This is not just for you.

How much do you want?

How much do you want? How much would you want?

A zebra. To the widows response real quick. Do not just. Obey. When the request is easy, push through a difficult request.

First, the first point on the response is to not trust when request is easy. Push me in the morning to Justin when the preacher says, give me $20.

That's a difficult request.

I am going to bless you. Bless you, bless you.

It just the same principle that cause many people do believe, which is the principle is, right, but we have to be careful.

You understand what I'm saying? When I try to play mind games with people. God bless you.

I don't want to be friends.

That's not my position. Let God speak into your home, Rich, the word, make the ass.

Who owned the heart of the people? I don't know. God will come true. It's hard. The request, his heart. Maybe it's in service. Maybe God is pushing.

I guess, I ain't no God.

Secretary of State.

When God is pushing you to the next level, your friend gets hurt. I don't have to do this.

Question. The Bible says,

12 after he was asked and she said as the Lord lives, I do not have any bread. Only a handful of God. That's all I have. God is calling you for something bigger that you are expensive now. And all you got to say.

I don't have it in me. And I know I'm not calling you because you have it.

I'm calling you because I see your heart.

I'm running on empty.

I got a little bit of flour.


I've got you asking me to give you.

You know, God has blessed us out of food to the point where the last thing we have in our pantry. We go eat then die. We haven't we haven't got to that place. But maybe is not food. Maybe just emotionally. This is the last I have. I'm at my breaking point. I can't give anymore.

Anybody ever got to that point yet?

I'm done. Godhigh, I'm going to give it one last shot. And probably he was saying this is my last.

It's okay to feel that you got your with them. It's better to admit it. To say God I hear you. I'm just not getting it. God, I hear you.

I want to happen to me.

That's what I want. I want to hear that. You can't do. I want to hear that. You want to hear that your feet. And all you have to do is to trust me because when I bless you, when I pick you up and when I put you up.

State your position and stated clearly. Admission at un.

Then always. If the God first, it's the principle that you can live by. The first 30 or 40, always give to God first. I'm through his crazy Morocco in your life. Always give to God first. You know what you said, but first make me a cake order what you have.

Yeah, because I serve a God who can do the impossible.

Photos of the Lord. The bin of flour be used up north Charlotte Doyle on the earth, you're saying I have a little bit and a little on the line.

Make me a cake first. You need something. Trust me first.

Let's talk about first, fruits and sewing. People look into some of these texts to inform them unless it is real. When you do it by faith in response to the call of God, that's the right woman of God. You did.


What gave you some deaths at your house?

Giving you a promotion and increase you. and, Ways, you've never thought of it before?

Because if you give God his, you first. Wrestler come true. I've always practice test on my wife to tell you that we practice this as just a course of action. Homes that separated, everything else.

And I can testify here.

Obey. God first give him first, you and never will.

Last point.

In the widows response obedience to The Impossible request of God. Would result in Crazy, Morocco.

Elijah said, listen.

You know what the Bible confirmed in verse?

15 and 60, that the woman went away did according to the word of Elijah and she and her household.

I mean, this was a woman who just had one, but she made a cake in obedience.

Floor. Just keep flowing. What we put God first.

God, help me. I believe that you're going to get some forgiveness up there that you never thought of. I think you're going to get some break from some pictures that you're trying to buy. That's expensive discount.

They can be what he wants to be. 416 confirms this, as we close enough flour was not using. No, I did the jar of oil runs dry by the word of God, which he spoke.

As Long as You Follow the word of God. It will have Supply. You will always beat your knee. It was never run out Elijah's response.

We must always follow God's leading design that will be shut down under God has provided for you. Don't limit your request for help or what you want. God is saying, you not just a baby when the request is easy.

God wants to do a miracle in your life. But you have to be obedient.

I don't know. Where you are in this message? I don't know what you're going through. What? God is pulling you to the next level to do? All I can tell you whatever it is that God is pulling you to whatever it is. Our God is, is lifting you out of. Don't be afraid to trust, you. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to walk in this way. Don't be afraid to do what God asked you to do. You will lead you and I'm not telling you. I'm not telling you it's a easy decision.

When you trust God, he'll come true.

If the dog has spoken to your heart today, I feel by state. I'm putting my face. It might be difficult question that you are speaking to your heart to do something bigger than myself to work this out by FaceTime.

I don't believe you. I believe you, I believe in you. I believe that you can break through. I have been given you.

I know what you're asking me for God. It's difficult, but I don't have a kidney. I trust in God. Whatever.

Archer. Call Tiff.

I trusted. I'm not telling you it's easy. I'm not telling you.

You won't be stretched or disappointed. You won't be challenged to deposit.

I'm telling you, it would be difficult. I'm telling you that it's it's going to blow your mind.

Guess what? Will you trust God with all your heart? When you trust God with all your soul, when your trust God with all your mind, and he will come.

He will work it out. Turn it around. He'll give you all your needs. You would be the one that will stand. When you can. Trust them. You can trust. Somebody need to hear this this morning. You can trust God. He will never let you down even when it's to go before Bell.

Peacock come true for you. Will expire the river?

It's never know. It's difficult.

You just got to tell me when it's difficult. How hot is it right now? But I want you to admit it.

Then I'll come through. I'll show you how more do it. I tell you how much I'm going to tell it to you.

Sunrise this Saturday to Jesus is a friend. Well, that's well, do you know? No other cuz he can help you. Father the name of Jesus? We've come this afternoon. Lorde.

Admitting to ourselves. That task is difficult. What you're requesting of me is difficult. But if you ask me, I know you got it all. Covered. You got it all figured out to leave me. How far are you leave? Me leave me.

I know it would be okay. I know it's going to be alright. I know it's going to be alright. He leadeth me beside the Still Waters.

With me.

Do I adjust my head?

Goodness, and mercy my life wife.

I trust in God. I trust in God father, in the name of Jesus. We bow our heads before you today. Trusting that you are, the god. Hello him, Jehovah. That is with us.

You have asked us to come. Your boss goes to jail. Your bicycle stretch. And we are stretching. We are given we are standing. We're moving. Because you're asking because because we know the greatest dad in the world. Choked out as we bow before you today. I pray that each heart that is standing at this Osborne are sitting in the pews are sitting at home. I pray.

Prepare for your people. Now as they step up, whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

Encourages we thank you. No father, or your blessings upon your life. May these words that have been spoken to her ears and they fall root in our hearts and our lives. Nick of the recollection of God that will be, walking is a Divine appointment that you have made for us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for Elijah. Thank you for the we do. Exactly that. Yes. It's difficult sometimes. But if we trust you. I want a business, but never Run Drive.

God symbol take you to. I'm going to take it to this joint.

I have it all,. I have it all provided for you. Jesus day. A man, would you give God the praise? I just give God. The praise that they come up with.

Before you go back to your seat. Maybe you are Elijah as God is preparing for something. Great. Maybe you are just a woman that we do. God has reserved to help everyone that they are. God is using different ones differently to advance his cause today if you obey, God. Already provided. The building of flower with Debra.

The container of oil was never. Onto.

Raincoat. This statement. Ayoba, little bit number for emphasis on it, but it says that he had enough. The reader had enough to feed her household, get that when we first met I should say I only have my phone on me.

I'll tell you. That's crazy crazy lesson.

You going to have to call me Geo pocket? God bless you.

God's calling us something greater something bigger.

God says, I've got it. Control. Got it all under control.

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