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Just being intentional about things that you listen to the people that you associate with, in the ways that you allow them to influence you for better. If you are not intentional about being different, being better than you were yesterday, you will not be. And the danger of not changing, isn't we end up almost glorifying or defying our faults and saying there's nothing we can do about these faults. There's nothing we can do about the way they are. It is just the way that we are and we end up putting those things above the power of God because the truth is, is that the Lord will break every chain in the boy, the Lord will and can bring us up. Beyond every challenge that we are facing, he can he can and it really does help to believe that he can because when you start believing then you start confessing and then you start trying to do eggs towards becoming the person that God is making you to be a beyond what you thought was possible. Growth is in your, in My DNA growth isn't our destiny. We have to be people who want to grow and it's more than just growth. I love this verse in Matthew chapter 5 verses 14 through 16 is a well-known verse and it kind of has to do is we're talking about today as you were the light of the world like a city on a Hilltop that cannot be hit. You guys can do this one. No one lights a lamp that puts it under a basket. Instead a lamp is placed on a stand where it gives light to every one of the house in the same way. Let your good deeds shine out for all to see that everyone will praise your heavenly. Father was beautiful about this verse Is that it's not Jesus, who is the light? It's you. And I And that light only happens when we start this relationship with the Lord and it, but it's, this this conversion where instead of being people who need, hope we end up being people who display and start passing out. Hope revealing hope showing hope. And that, that hopefulness, that, that perspective of God being bigger than our circumstances is something that we desperately need in our world desperately needs. The change that God wants to make to make that happen as in you. And that's what's cool about the work that God wants God doesn't materialize. I was praying this morning. Would you just just directly show somebody yourself to the day would make it a change and got like no I'm sending you and that's how God does hope he does the change in the work and you so that people can see what God is doing in you and that points back to him and soak it lead us to this place of saying OK. Google then then help me to be the person that shines light gives hope and send it points back to you. Help me to be that person. The last couple weeks have been talking about routes and talking about where you put your roots. And what that means is, is it where you getting influenced from? Where are you getting encouraged from? Where you getting Challenge from? In? Are in your life. And if you are not intentional. Where you put that, many of you spend a bunch of time on social media review, spent a bunch of time watching a news. You spent a bunch of time, hanging out with people that are probably not leading you toward good things. Then your perspective is probably going to be not, not helpful, not hopeful not not God word. Last week. We talked about their three things that we can put our Roots. The number one is the love of God. That God loves you. He loves you ridiculously. He loves you beyond what you have done when you sees you, he sees the image of God and so he's not put off by you are my my history. He loves you put your route in the love of God. Number to you put your route in the power of God believing that God can take you through and growing you anything that he says is possible. He can do those things in you and so God's calling us to look at our perspective, based on who he is and what he can do and not who we are and what we can do. And thirdly, we put our route in the anointing of God. There's people around us that are growing people around us that are encouraging. I pray that you have people in your circle that you like, man. I love what God is doing in them. I want some of that I see other family. Is there when I see how their their piece is, they're going through a lot whole lot, but they don't seem to be frazzled. And I like how they're their attitude is, right. I want to see. I want you to do what working means. It's like them, you spend time with them, you build, because of what God is doing in them and you let them speak in your life where you put your roots matters, where you put your Rich matter. And today we're going to talk about is it once got starts growing you. What do you do then?

Philippians chapter 1 verses 4 through 6. Girls like this, I think you whenever I pray I make my request for all of you with joy. And here's here's a good. As if you were, you have been my partners and spreading the good news about Christ. The time you've heard of until now and I am certain that God who began a good work within, you will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day. When Christ Jesus returns. Aluminum screed VR6 again, I'm certain that God who began a good work in. You will continue his work until it's finally finished on the day. When Christ Jesus returns. Thank you, this worse. This verse means a couple of things to me. Number one. Do God is just kind of like paraphrases, God is working on you. He's working on you. He's working on you as reading this week. Actually, today. I'm going to my Bible read through and I'm in the Book of Daniel right now. And it was interesting that there was this person. Daniel, that says that many will be purified. Cleansed and refined by these trials. In other words. The things were going through has the potential to purify has cleanse us and refiners. In other words. Grow us until my point is is that when God is doing a good work in you, he's there to help you grow. He's there to help you grow, but you can't grow unless, you know, a couple of things. Number one. God knows where you're at right now. You know what, you're dealing with right now. He's not broken about that. He's not put off about that. He knows where you're at, right now, the doubts that you have, the struggles that you have the fears that you have the anxieties that you have the limitations, you. Think you have. God knows. He's not surprised. And he's still pursuing you. You still pursuing you got knows where you're at. So we don't need to put on a fake fake face with that. God knows we're at another thing that God knows God knows where you're going. He knows what he's trying to do when you and it's important for you to know that to that, When God says to use it for you and I to do something. When God tells you that you should move in this direction or see this thing or do this or stop doing this. He's not doing it randomly. He's doing it with a plan in mind do this because when you do this, you're taking one step towards this really good gold that he's taking you toward. He's taking this so you and I experience Freedom or you and I experienced. Hope more. He's got a plan number 3. God does not grow us independently from our cooperation. Would it be great if we could be like, okay God, do it. Doesn't work like that. It's his partnership in the gospel. OK, Google. Let's do it together. That's what it is. That's what it is. We do it together. And that's the question that this whole sermon is kind of predicated on is that, are you partners with the Lord? Do you want the same things as he does? Do you want the same things? What are you willing to do? What are you going to show up with so that you and I are you in the Lord, know the same things together, Matthew chapter 4, 19. It says, Jesus calls to Peter come and follow me. I'm going to show you how to fish for people to read. What he's talking about. It is that you follow me. And I'm going to teach you how to be who God wants you to be, but it's got to be this Cooperative thing.

It's got to be a Cooperative thing.

The work that he's because it's a partnership. He's not trying to make you into something so that you can go off on yourself. And now I'm, I'm glad God touch me. And now, I'm going to go do my own thing. Everything we've got is meant to be this partnership. He doesn't call you to take his work and run with it. He calls you to take his work and run with him. So it's not like Lord. I want you to bless my family and my family stronger numbers. Like let me come alongside you and let's do this family thing together and you're going to grow to the very best version of this. I'm going to grow your heart. I'm going to grow your impact this community with you, so that we make the best impact with him.

Lastly. Carrie's you to completion, by developing the things that he's already placed within you. He's not adding anything to you. You already have the things that God has put there. It just needs to be refined. Ephesians. 2:10 says, we are God's Masterpiece created us Anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things. He's planned for us long ago. You are already made with all the material because he put it there. He's just refining it. He's just growing it. Which means that there are gifts in you. There is strength in you that you don't even realize you had, but it were to discover that in order to know how to use that, you come to the Lord and He refines you, he changes you, he grows you, some of us got his giving these gifts for, and we end up using it for wrong purposes. But God wants to show you how to use it the way he wants you to use it.

He carries you to completion by developing the things. He's already place within you. Andre when she was doing her tight enough to message the one of my verses. Where you have the parable of talents and God gives people different gifts. And it's really interesting about that last guy who who hit his thing in the, in the dirt. I would think that the master would be more Angry if he took that one talent and ran off with it and spent it on candy or something like that. But none of her know what happened was is that his master gave these three guys different amounts of talents and in the last guy, he didn't steal it. He just returned it in the same condition that he got it. And that was why he was called wicked and lazy. And in other words, their talents that God has given you. And if we do nothing with it, that's called a lack of faithfulness. There are talents in you there, Gibson you qualities in you that God has given them to you for you to step out and develop with his help that God has wanted to use it for his purposes. But you and I have to and this is where it's challenging with. This is that

You and I have to be bad, have to be okay with being bad at something. At first like, for instance. I noticed I've noticed that that people struggle with Christianity because Christianity calls us to the tire life, but we stink at this. So a lot of times people just dig out and walk away from it because we have a hard time trusting God with the process. So anytime it's difficult. We dig out. I know there's a lot of people that struggle with that. This is difficult. I don't want to try it. I'm just going to stay in the realm of the things that I'm good at and that's going to be comfortable there because I might get it because I'm afraid of not being good at something. For the truth is, is that everyone starts at this place? Really? Not good at God's developing. You? It made me think of this, this versus Knuckles versus give me the saying. There are people in scripture in history that are considered heroes in the faith. Do you guys think of someone that you make all hero in the face? Was that Abraham Abraham Moses Elijah? Joan of Arc, excellent Smith Wigglesworth a Martin Luther. And then also, Martin Luther King, you know, those those people who are heroes in the face. Didn't know they were Heroes at the time. When they were doing it, you're just pushing through. I think they were horrible at it at some point and they just continue to seek seek the Lord and trust, God, and just do the next right thing. Do the next obedient thing. And then God made them into somebody that someone else looks like. Wow. Look how far you come? That's how he rose in the faith, do it. They show up and they allow the Lord to change them into something. Bigger, better more influence of more trustworthy. Where are you at? In this process? Are you willing to start from a place of rawness where God grows you?

last part before I get into this, is that the way we're cultivated the way God is trying to change you. And I the way God is growing you and I is primarily done in the way you think. Romans 12:2 says, don't copy the behavior and customs of this world. But let God transform you in a new person by changing the way you think. Then you'll learn to know, God's will for you, which is good pleasing and perfect. God trying to change the way you think that's how he changes you. What's talking to somebody that I know a friend of mine? And a they had they struggle with walking this Christian walk for some time. Had talked about how they read the Bible been. The church prayed. The prayer is on no change. I never felt like that. And I was, I was talking about it, a very kind of a compassionate way. It is possible to read the book, go to the church. Pray the prayer and not change the way you think and therefore you remain unchanged. The whole point of those things is meant to change the way you think that verse says. The only way you were transformed into a new person is by changing the way you think it's oh God brings you through these situations. To our mind is cleansed and refined and strengthen the way we think and see about things are they are different. You have to come with the intention of okay. Show me a new way to look at this. Okay. I show me a new possible here. Show me a new potential here show me so that I can think and believe differently about the situation because the truth is, is the way you think, change the way you speak, the way you speak changes, the way you act, the way you act, and you the way you live, where you live, change your future. Do we need to be cultivated or change to different ways. Number one, cultivated by guidance guidance? There's just this is version. Luke chapter 10. We're going to spend a couple of minutes on that Luke chapter, 10 verses 33 through 42. And it read like this as Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem. They came to a certain village where a woman named Martha. Welcome to maneuver their home for Sister Mary sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he taught. But Mary was distracted by the big dinner. She was preparing, she came to Jesus and said, Lord, it doesn't seem fair that. My sister just sit here while I do. All the work come to her. Tell her to come and help me. Anyone feel like that sometimes your your Martha, okay. Lord says that her my dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details, but there is one thing worth being concerned about Mary has discovered it and will not be taken away from her. There was this, there was this cultivation by Guidance that took place. Here's a here's what I mean by that. This is verse about about raising children to goes Proverbs 22:6, direct your children onto the right path. And when they're older, they won't leave it with a point about that versus to think that you know, kids. They shouldn't be left to their own devices to discover these values on their own. They should be left to their own thing. They need guidance, they need cultivation. Right? And so if you're a parent, then it's yours and my job to raise them up in the way. They should go speak to them. Truth, bring correction when needed, right? That's needed. If you got a child is growing up, without that framework. Then partially it's the parents fault because the parents did not teach them and raise them and cultivate them in the way they should go. So it's the parents job to be that voice guidance. In the same, right? You and I, if you believe in Jesus Christ, you follow as you are and save it and you are also a child and the Lord is meant to cultivate you. So, like, good children. We need to be people who accept guidance, you didn't mean, God is giving you and I framework of what's right? And what's wrong? What should be or shouldn't be done? The value system. All of those things need to be something that we are like, okay. I want to be an open book here. You're telling me to Value this but not this. Okay. I'm going to go there like the children to listen to my father, who is guiding me and the goodness. I know that most of you guys are all grown, isn't it frustrating that as we were growing up getting more more stubborn? It's unnecessary, and it shouldn't be that way. We end up being stubborn disobedient, children as adults when we need to be still cultivated by God.

God, directs you in a relationship between father and child in the way that you should go.

So marry your two characters, three characters, you got Jesus, you sitting there teaching you got Mary, who's sitting next to Jesus learning and Martha. Who is busy? Taking care of the dishes, preparing for large, crowds, and Jesus. Communicate, something really important. I'm sitting here as Jesus. I'm standing here teaching and this is the most important thing to sit here with me and be guided. Sit here with me. And let me teach you, show you right from wrong. Good from Evil, Right Way vs. Wrong way. Let me show you, this spend time with me so you can know it. And that's what I want to encourage you guys to do. The one way we are cultivated is by Guidance. You getting close to the Lord and allowing him to change you because you've heard it from him. He's you let him grow you. You let him grow you. Please don't think that because you are you are an adult. Now that you don't need cultivation. We all need to be cultivated. We all need that growth. So couple of thoughts here, is that Martha? Didn't see the value of Jesus's sitting there teaching, because she was distracted. Stay away from the distractions that we use to replace these opportunities to grow. Stay away from the distractions. I've had. This is a season that God is doing in me where I'm like, okay. I want to grow one marijuana grow. But also I really like playing video games and guys like you can spend the next ten minutes playing mobile video games, or you can spend the next ten minutes praying or reading. This book is challenging you or you know, you could do you got time time is the the most valuable substance you have use it to not be distracted but to grow Martha was distracted. She said she wasn't distracted by a horrible thing. She was busy doing a good work preparing for the coming crowd. Focusing on working, sometimes can be a distraction from the opportunity to grow. You could be doing a good thing, but sacrificing the best thing.

Focusing on working on the level that she was at can sometimes be a distraction, the opportunity to grow from the opportunity to see Jesus, and we're all in that weather. I'm just busy going to school, or I'm busy. Raising kids are on busy, taking care of my health, or I'm busy, you know, whatever you're doing. If you do all of those things, you can still do all those things and miss an opportunity for God to do a work. And you were, you grow even more I heard recently the, in the difference between management and Leadership.

Management. I'm an excellent manager management is someone who is able to get to a task and keep the task going and keep it running and keep it smooth and be consistent and loyal. But the problem with managers managers grow. Nothing managers maintain. Leaders grow. If I was a leader that a leader would be like, all right, this is great. But this how we can do this better of this, how we can make this more. This is how we can see the situation and let's make it more efficient. You do me, a leader, is able to see outside the box and do something different. And my point is that many of us have as adults, we grow really good at managing our life. But Jesus is an excellent leader. I'm just making sure that all my bills are paid. Just making sure that all the kids are taken care of, you are managing your life. Jesus wants to lead it. Jesus is looking at where you and I are doing a great work. But this is how we can do better than this. We can be more efficient. And this, I want to add this into your life. So things, are you? Free is managing the situation. Jesus is leading. Mary is sitting there. Listen to Jesus, so she can hear a better way. And that's what Jesus said. Is that what you're doing tells more than what you're doing is good. But Jeep, Mary Sitting here A Better Way, don't stop her from doing the better way. How do you get to the better way? Will you got to stop managing and take a moment? So you can hear what God is doing in you and cultivate something better leadership in you.

Is that make sense?

He doesn't call you to take his work and run with it. He calls you to take his work and run with him. That's recalls. The danger of going through the motions. The danger of going through the motions of working. Is that eventually our faith rests in our work and not the growing that God is trying to do in us when it worshipping or work or Ministry or what? It is. Not keep our eye on the Lord who really is the point of it all. Be careful about that because the truth is is that God is always trying to develop you and I beyond our work is always trying to develop you and I beyond our work to the point where they give you some examples. Did you been at your work in a job? A long time? He's the one that's leading you to build. God influencing relationship beyond your work. If you've been a family person for a long time, he's going to be the one that leaves your family to grow further into a god-centered instruction. I'll give you another way as a teacher. I can teach me all day, but the next level is to bring Jesus in that circumstance and start teaching about Jesus also about math. I can deal with discipline all the time, but growth is not only do I correct the deal, but I speak life into that verse into that. End of that person. I take God's going to take you and take it to the next level. For those of you guys who are who are consistent in your ministry. God doesn't give it a ceiling that's taking you got wants to take you further, but you got to get your eyes off of the work and the arms of the one who assigned you that work. Otherwise, you end up just worshipping the work. Some other examples of this if you'd be doing a food pantry, soup, kitchen, for a long time. It's really easy to get just focused on. I'm going to cook this thing. Going to serve this thing, but maybe God calling you to step up and pray for certain people. Leave it maybe even just attending church for a long time and focusing on the Lord. As a part of this is going to be the one that tells you. Hey, maybe go and serve here or help out here or give this God is always trying to advance you and I he's always doing that. Be Mary, not Martha, Martha, even though she was involved in a good work was distracted. And if she did not break that distraction, she was just been working and she would not grow. Another problem with being a Martha, is this?

If you be somebody that is working for the Lord or managing so much, you end up wrapping your identity around of that, that action, you end up being nothing more than someone who works and you miss the identity that God has for you as a father or son. I mean, it's none of her daughter. You end up looking. If you are wrapped up in your work you end up looking at God is a Taskmaster a manager or employer. You stop looking at him as a loving father. Break from the work mentality. This God does not want you to be doing what you doing for. The rest of your life is growth there.

Second point. Cultivated by Corrections. The first was cultivated by Guidance, get close to the Lord. He'll lead, you will guide you. Secondly, cultivated by correction and we're in this verse John chapter 15 verses 1 through 6, I am. The true grape vine and my father is a gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that does not produce fruit. Any prunes, the branches that do bear fruit, so that they will produce even more. You have already been pruned in purified. By the message, I've given you remain in me and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit. If it is severed from the vine and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me. Yes, I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who remain in me and I in them will produce much fruit for apart. From me. You can do nothing. Anyone who does not remain in me is like a useless branch and whether such branches are gathering to a pile to burn.

Pretty harsh. God insist on fruitfulness. God insist on fruitfulness.

Got in system, fruitfulness.

His his cool about God, insisting on fruitfulness.

I know that Jesus is one of those people. That when you encounter him. You are not the same anymore. You're met, anybody like that on Earth where you met them and just like, I'm not the same after meeting that person, the way they speak. The way they talk to me the way they the way they treated me the way to the inspirational things that I've done. I've met them and I'm done. I can't, I'm not the same anymore. The fruitfulness isn't based on your in my abilities on Jesus at work in your life like you can't have a relationship with Jesus and not be that you can't be the same when you have a relationship with Jesus. Just being with him changes. You just walking with him changes you. I want to encourage you to think like that, that when it says that, somebody who is fruitless somebody who has no results of him, being a part of your life that God is Harsh about that. What it's really about is It's more of an encouragement, get close to him and you will automatically bear fruit. So let me back this up. Jesus is the power source for a light shining on Earth. The metaphor is that he's the vine meaning? He's the one that is bringing the nutrients up and you and I are the branches. We are coming off of that vine. So if you want to stay someone that's growing and nourishing and flourishing then you just stay connected. The word of God has already been given and partnering with his spirit, is all we need for purifying and pruning. So as you read his word, and I pray that you guys read your word. In fact, I want to challenge you with this idea. I was thinking about this earlier today. So I think I might I'm on day 339 of my Bible reader. I read it reaches about once a year. I don't know what kind of people you are in a reading your Bible. But January one, I'm going to try it again and I encourage you guys join me. Jump on it with me. Whatever you guys. How are you guys read through the Bible? Read through it every year. I'm reading through this in the Bible because the word of God is the word of God, the more you read it, the more it begins to to prune you and purify you. Those that pruning that pruning because don't know what pruning is brings when you cut back growth so that you can Inspire New Growth. Remember my wife when she looks at our are like tea tree, and she gets a thing in her in her attitude about pruning. She cuts away so much for my lights, a tree in the back. It looks like it's it's bear. No, it's good.

Don't be mad at me.

But the idea was it was really interesting. Her brother-in-law was explaining to me the the the reasons behind pruning are lychee tree for a couple of reasons. If are lychee tree if it has too many branches and is too many leaves then wind can't blow through the branches blowing away bugs, right? And keeping areas dry. So that way if it's if it's covered if it's shaded too much and there's wind can't get through, then it gets damp, then it gets moss moss and ferns cut on it. And then those things end up sucking out more nutrients away from the fruitfulness of the light. She so you want to prune it so that more wind goes through and keeps the tree healthy and fresh pruning is good. Printing is good. And when God prunes us is meant to be good for us. How does it got? Prunus? Here's how I believe got princess you and I If we're not careful stink. And dwell on anti-god things, all the printing happens in your head. Your thoughts are the first expressions of your face, the thoughts, your thoughts of your first expressions of your faith. They are the front lines. Also of your Temptation the way you think, determined so much. What's going on? Are you your Effectiveness comes out of your thoughts that align with truth. Also that the conflict you have with faith occur because your thoughts do not align to what God says about truth. So what is God do? God starts pruning. Your thoughts starts messing with the Bible says this or I'm telling you this. As the Lord, this is the way you think choose. Which one is right? And God is trying to cut away. Mine sets in you that are not productive to growth. Is a verse? 2nd Corinthians, chapter 10 verse is, we take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ. Why is it important? We take captive those thoughts because if you don't take captive those thoughts. They end up wrecking. Havoc in your face The end up stopping you from growing Temptations. Come to you and I into Waze number one. They lead us to doubt God's power or they'll lead you to doubt your identity in Christ. Those are those are the end result of all temptation that occur in your life. They end up developing doubt in God's power in your life or the end up developing doubt in your identity in Christ. So, what does God want to do in you? He prunes away these defeating thoughts in your head by his word. So you think differently about your circumstance?

Remember, I begin to pastor this church and is 26 years old. Wichita crazy to me because it's 7 years older than Isaac currently is Young, dude. Remember. Are you at do? I don't know if you were there. 26 years old here. They're definitely not as youth pastor. Remember, I had a few people tell me, I was too young to be the pastor. And you know when you get a thought in your head and it messes you up to now I'm thinking like going to Young. What am I doing here? Like 26 years old. The average age of the church was like 45 unlike young enough to be everybody's kid, and I'm telling him I would have gone. And I allowed that sought to stop me from being productive. I'm too young to be here too, young to be here. And then I remember there was a moment when the Lord spoke to me and he said, I told you to be here because I have a plan for you here. and I'm going to defend you against anyone who thinks or believes otherwise, I chose to believe that thought over the other negative thought. And everything was different after that. I preached differently. I spoke to people differently, definitely with respect. But without the insecurity issues, you guys understand the difference between believing what God says about you and believing what other people are saying about you with the world changes. Everything, God is pruning. And so the idea is, this may be challenged. You with this idea. Is you spending time with the Lord. Is there anything? I'm dwelling on. Is there any anything that I'm seeing about my own heart or about my situation that are is keeping you. From being able to bring a change in me. How is my thinking? Help opening the door. Got for you to do miraculous? Or how is it stopping you from doing the miraculous? And makes me think it is one last verse. Is it Jesus was was asked to come and and heal this girl who had died. So he walks into this room, where she's there, her parents are there, and all these professional mourners, were there crying about her being dead, and God intends to raise her from the dead. And he goes into the, any first way, tells everybody, except for Peter, James, and John, and a parent, get out of the room. And then with them all gone. Erase her from the dead. Interesting. I don't think that he would have been able to raise her from the dead with his other people in the room. He would have been able to because there is just this to too many conflicting thoughts that are going on. That would keep God from doing a miracle. He had to get rid of the doubters.

Appointment is for you. There are things that God wants to do in you and through you that he can't, because you and I are settling for too much conflict in our faith. So we take a moment and we say, Okay, God. I need to prune. this unbelieving thought, I want to cut this out and I want to believe wholeheartedly. You can do this. I want to believe wholeheartedly that you can change this in me. I want to believe wholeheartedly that you can hear me out of this. Conflict only occurs in our heads because we let it stay there. Cut it out. God wants to do this in your life. You know, what's interesting about that is that I firmly believe the pruning occurs in our head. This verse says, That for a branch cannot produce fruit. If it's severed from the vine, a branch cannot produce fruit. If it's severed from the vine when you and I are walking and unbelief or walking in in the mindset, Countrywood. God, says you and I are severed from the vine. Meaning you're no longer. Gaining your power strength perspective, from what the word of God says, you're gaining it from your doubts, and it's leaving you. Wilting.

Remain in me. And I will remain in you and if you do that, you're going to produce much fruit. So, the change of perspective is God, show me how you want to see the circumstance. Show me.

What you believe is possible because of your power. There are things in my own life that I want to see developed. People that I want to see. God bless and help and change. And I need to shut off the parts of my my mind. That's like now they'll never change. No, that's so difficult. No. No, I need to cut that stuff out. Took none of a God. But God if you if you come on the scene, I believe that you could change the way they see and think. I believe that you can heal me of this. You see the difference in the thinking. . All I want is is to know you what you want to do on the earth and what you want to do in me and Lord. Would you heal me of all of my doubt? That's the thing. I think would be a horrible horrible. Wake up call if in the end of our life the Lord would say I wanted to do this in you, but you just wouldn't believe me that I could. The power was available, but you just didn't believe that I could. Don't let that be you today. God wants to grow you. He wants to change you. He wants to build you so that when they see you the world sees you, they see his son.

And if you are somebody this morning. That, you know, you feel this conflict in your head as that's building. The mrs. Wright. I challenge you to do. Just take a moment in prayer.

If I can have the worship Team come out.

It starts number one. With a relationship with him.

Why does it start with a relationship with him?

Because that relationship with him is a break. From this mindset.

He's not part of your world. He's not coming into your life, to make your world and your goals better.

It's the acceptance that you're in his world. And he's got a plan for youuuu.

And is your in my surrender to God. This is your world. In just help me to be a part of this. Fit me in somewhere to your plan. And I Surrender the idea that I want to fit you somewhere to mine. Do it starts with asking God for giving of your sins.

Go to cleanse me of my own righteousness.

Hi, sir. I Surrender got your plan is way better. Way bigger.

And you have that you actually have the power to see it through God. Where is mine? I've no idea what I'm doing.

I Surrender.

I Surrender, I pray that some of you all of you or having some some, some moment of surrender.

And then you surrender thoughts.

You want to see change in your life? Bible says, you got a change of what you think. And it doesn't happen easily. Lord help me to change the way I think. Acknowledge that it's wrong. For instance, if you're like this.

Of Self Defeat ISM thinking that I'm no good, that thought is wrong, Lord. Help me to release that thought.

That's not that you can't change a particular situation.

Father, that thought is wrong. I believe that you can change any situation and so glad I have hope because I believe you could change any situation.

That thought you don't have a future. That's thought that you can't change take those thoughts.

Surrender them to God.

Lord, it's difficult, but your word says you'll never leave me. You'll never forsake me. You're going to change me from the inside out. I trust you.

Give me give me sticking power got.

In our surrender, let's let's worship. God. Let's see if there's anything else. Any of the thoughts that are going on in your head? That, you know, that it's creating conflict.

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