Psalm 127

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Today we can talk about the blessing. Blessings of God. I'm going to open up your room to read. Psalm 127, and then. For a little bit of a plug of the kinds of things that we're going to be talking about. We're going to go on a whole long journey through the Bible.

And I'll have us all out of here before 1. I swear.

I'm on 27. Unless the Lord builds a house, its Builders labor, over in vain. Unless the Lord watches over a city, The Watchman stays Alert in vain in vain, you get up early and stay up late. Getting food earned by hard work. Certainly. He gives sleep to the one. He loves sons are indeed a Heritage from the Lord. Children are a reward like arrows in the hands of a warrior are the sons born in one's youth. Happy for blessed is the man who is filled his quiver with them. Such men will never be put to shame when they speak with their enemies at The City Gate. Let's pray this morning. The only father as we look in your word Lord, I pray that you help us to just see what it is that. Your word says what it has for us, understanding the blessings that that you give Ford and I pray that as we walk through the scripture and look at your word Lord, that you'll work in our hearts and Minds help us to see you and see what it is that you're building Lord. And I pray all of this in Jesus name. Amen.

But I want to see here in Psalm 127. They what it wants to see here, is that There's a lot of things that people can do. And Achieve that's not what the blessing of the Lord is our look at this list, right? Unless the Lord builds a house, its Builders labor over it in vain. Almost to Ward watches over the city. The Watchman stays Alert in vain in vain, you get up early and stay up late, reading food earned by hard work. Certainly. He gives sleep to the one he loves right now. Just looking at that list, right? It's not the house. Right? It's not the city. It's not the the money in the, in the food. Take it's not those things. That are the blessing of the Lord specifically here. In Psalm 127. It goes on to say that blessed is the man who has his quiver filled with children.

But that's not the only thing.

Did that involve the blessings involved with, but it's one of the clearest ways. Let me see it. Okay. The blessings of God are things that God does that God gives. Let's go back to the beginning of scripture and let's walk through this. Okay. Genesis chapter 1. Verse 28. God made man and woman, he's made them in His image and then a 28, it says, God blessed them. And God said to them, be fruitful and multiply fill the Earth and subdue. It rule, the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and every creature that crawls on the earth. They said the blessing. Look at someone 27, right? It's not something that you do that. You build that, you keep. Play that you enjoy based on what you've done but it is something here that God gives a God blessed Adam and Eve. But he's less than he right. They don't have kids yet as you working through the the biblical narrative, right? But God blesses them and he says tells them be fruitful and multiply fill the Earth to do it rule over it. So the blessings of God, write for the beginning of script or something that God gives to mankind. Let's go. Let's look at another good one. In the Book of Numbers.

Chapter 6.

The Israelites are coming out of Egypt, and they're meeting with Moses. And leaders are meeting with God. And then there's laws that come out of it, in the, in the midst of this story. In Numbers, Chapter 6, God speaks to Moses, and tells Aaron, and his sons. What there to do, as the priests and high priests. It says number 622. The Lord spoke to Moses. Tell Aaron and his sons, how you are to bless Israel. I print. So Aaron, and his sons were supposed to give something give this favor in this blessing right, read what it says to say to them the Lord bless you. And protect you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord look with favor on you and give you peace. Are you here or the blessing of God that the priests of his ass over the Israelites? Right? It's something that God is giving to them. In this section, defense is up in this way. They will put my name, right? The priest will put my name on the Israelites and I will bless them. Right now, the name of God. Isn't just the title of the word, write, the name of God has to do with God's Property station.

But also it has to do with his power. In his presence. Are you near Reading scripture with the idea of taking the lord's name in vain? Don't take the lord's name in vain. Write the Ten Commandments and like it often understood as you know, don't. Your swear using God, like God's name are your Jesus and that, that is a part of that day. But that's like, that's like a tiny little part of that. Did you have taking in bearing? The name of God? Literally has to do with the idea that you belong to God, right? God is your God and his name is on you. Writing idea is then that as you go you are taking god with you. Every place you go with his power and his presence is with you. Right now. Here's a question. Do they get the power and presence of God because of what they're doing? Is that how the Israelites get the name of God? Who did they build this thing? And get the name of God to Kum &? Go along with them. I know right. God calls out. Israel in God gives his power and his presents to the people in this case, right Israel. That goes on there, which was not taking the lord's name in vain, right? It's more than just using God's name incorrectly. Right? It's more about me saying that I belong to God. Me saying that I am his, and then walking right in a way that contradicts that, the power and presence of God is apparent in my life.

God, giving his name to Israel. And in the same way, giving his name to those of us who put our faith in Christ. God, given. His name is a blessing. That he gives, it's not something that you can build or earn, right? Or or take for yourself. It's something that God offers. You know, what does this idea of the blessing do in scripture? God blesses?

Adam and Eve in Genesis Chapter 18 of God, blesses, give his name his powers, presents to Israel as their wandering through the the the desert and going towards the Promised Land. Well, in Genesis, the beginning of Genesis chapter 4. You end up with this interesting line here. We're Eve ends up saying in the Hebrews, a little messy, but because the Tyler translation of it, right?

Eve declares I have made a man. Built created a man like God.

What is that? What is the result of this thing that Eve has built? What was the name of her first son?

Good to know. You're in for a trivial at night. How does the story of Tango? You know, like I think it's like 5 versus later.

Right. Not good, right. He killed his own brother.

God says, I'm blessing you. I'm giving you my blessing before full multiple. I feel the Earth subdue. It exercise dominion over. Do these things because I've blessed you I am making you fruitful. Quick question. Any anybody here? Who's you know, born a child? Did you get in there and Stitch the baby together?

Right, that you're involved in the process, right? And not saying that right before it actually comes down to it, right? There's things that God has blessed people with given to people, generally, right? That are something that we take part in but is not really are doing. 30 like so forming a child in the womb isn't something that we can build a manufacturer. We all agree on that.

It's all right. You have Johnson. I'm blessing you. And then even over here is look at me. I've made a man, right. Just like, God. And that goes so well, that, you know, just a few versus later that, man, that she's made pain pills, his own brother.

And so you're looking at the senior, like, wow, that went South real fast, right? God, blesses them that she's building. This man making this man. And that man, murders. The first human going great. Like the whole time that we read through this and look at the stuff. I don't want you to think of it. Unless the Lord builds the house. They labor in vain who build it.

What is got into doing at the end of chapter 4? The gods done record. Like forget you. I'm done with you. No, right at the end of chapter 4. Gives Eve a song. But your name isn't Seth, right? And she declares this is the seed, the son that God has given me. God, blesses her. Even though I just the beginning of that same chapter, she was trying to build this thing on her own. What is it that that cane goes on to do? Play Chapter 5, if that's what chapters that everyone jumps over. It's got a couple genealogies in it ends up being the Builder, write his offspring, in a big building the first city.

They build a city. What's the next thing that happens?

Does losing a little bit in there by 8, but you know the chapter after that. God calls, Noah. To bring relief from the curse. Kayn builds the city. All sorts of things are here. He is. He's built this thing. Not going. Well. God calls and know all the name, Noah that I do have a sigh of relief in it. Right? So God calls know what to bring relief from the curse. What would be another way of saying that it's really from the curse. What is God doing? He's blessing Noah, right? He's blessing the mankind. That would come after him through. No, right in as a part of that. What is got to do is Noah build an ark? Are you sure it's not that it's either God doesn't or you know, or it's or it's in kind of thing, right? It's not like it's not. There's like if I'm building it at Remind me to have any part in it, right? It supposed to God are posed to his Blessing. Me, It's not that late. If the Lord isn't building a house, your laboring in vain. It's not that vain to labor. Someone has it, right? If it's not what God is blessing you with, you might even end up with the curse of building it.

The problem is what happens to anything and everything that we build in our own power.

Eventually. Rate it disintegrates or goes to nothing. so, King of the city. God calls know to bring relief from the curse by building in Ark. What is it that how is descendants do?

They build a tower.

Write a little bit. Goes by, they build a tower whose head reaches into the heavens.

And God says, you know, what? If I don't stop this, if I don't scatter them. There's nothing they can't do, right. He confuses their language and you send the people out. Why? Because I unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. In scripture is just full of this story over and over and over and over again, in Genesis chapter 12.

Right. This is one that most of the day been in church, for I look familiar with right Tower of Babel happen. Curse these people in in scatter them, right? He doesn't give the Tower of Babel a blessing, right? He's not involved in that. That is what Patty there was supposed to him. In the very next chapter. Rather than just getting rid of everyone in casting people that I God calls Abram, and this is what God says to him in Genesis chapter 12. Lords of the Abram go out from your land, your relatives, your father's house to land. I will show you. I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you. I will make your name great. And you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you. I will curse those who treat you with contempt and all of the peoples on Earth will be blessed throughout you.

Who's the one making it happen here? Dog, right? But I will need your intention. I will bless you. I will make your name great. And you will be a blessing. I will bless those with the God is building something here.

How old is that? Go?

You turn over a couple of pages, right? And there's a whole thing that happens or a broom goes into Egypt. He lies about Sarah being his wife, right? The the the Pharaoh there gets mad you doing, give him a whole bunch of livestock and go on his way. Right? And we want to sit here. I'll be like, oh look at how great it is right that God has blessed. Abram even though, you know, he's doing his own thing lying and being deceptive.

What was the what's the next door that happens after that? Then we know right in front as you move forward, right? The next story. Is that now Abram and lot have so much livestock. But they're fighting. And have two separate ways.

So was that God blessing Abraham that he that he got all his livestock and either doing WYD. But you seem to me that is directly connected to the very fact that and that next chapter again, a family. Is ripped apart. But there's more Wars and fights going on between people that are close blood.

In the story keeps going in building and God's walking with Abraham and and Abraham does good. Sometimes obeys God trust and believe him and then it's internet city stories of Abraham doing his own thing. And I pretty much never go. Well, right now, part of the blessing that God has promised to Abraham is that that his offspring. You're going to be numerous right? They're going to be so fruitful and multiply so much right that that God is going to give them, right. Uncountable offering.

How do I get it?

How do you receive the blessing of God?

You believe. Right. And then you walk in the things that God calls you to walk in. Whether that's fun or not, Sarah, I do well in Genesis 16. It ends up saying. A April says, Abraham's wife's, I write had not borne him children, right? So she's not fruitful here. She owed an Egyptian. She owned an Egyptian slave named Hagar and Sarah said to Abraham, since the Lord has prevented me from bearing children. I forgot. Parent lie in her mind. God's cursing. Her here, right?

Does the Lord have reminded me from bearing children? Go to my slave perhaps I can have children, right? More directly here. It literally is perhaps I can be built up.

In her by her. And Abram.

Idiotically agrees to this, right? And Hagar Bears, a child. His name is Ishmael. In, what does that child end up being a part of? More conflict. In a family. Ishmael and Isaac grow up in, in, in, in the, in the end they don't get along. And again, another family ripped apart in the mistreatment of a woman and a child Better Left 4 Dead that without the intervention of God in the blessing of God. They would have died.

Right inside. You can't keep walking to the story. Write, God, blesses. So, and so does build makes a thing into Claire's it a good thing all on their own.

God looks at them. Those note. And then God gives them the blessing right when it wasn't what they were trying to build. They may not they wanted it right but it wasn't what they were building Abrams. Alright, we'll have a family build up. I will be built up through that.

And the very next little bit later, right? God builds Abram and Abraham and Sarah's family with Isaac Haddad opens up her womb and gives her a child makes her fruitful. God, blesses her.

And then you end up at that point, you end up in a part of this story, that if it gets real.

Fascinating real quick, right, Isaac, right? The the blessing from God and the man, Rebecca. They have two sons. Jacob and Esau, right? And they're just the best, the best of buds right there. Their they're brothers. Who just love each other. Like just, you know, right? They come out of the womb at War. They come out of the womb fight in him or give him a little prophecy leading up to the birth of the twins. Write that the younger will serve the older.

And then, as that Story begins to walk out, right? The first like seeing we, we come onto the scene here and they're, they're relatively grown up at this point, right? And Jacob, whose name means the sea. The deceitful son. Does everything he can to take?


Esau's Birthright. Because everything's going to take it that you thought I didn't care about it, like, whatever I want food. Sure, whatever. And then you got to walk through it. Like another story or two in scripture with Isaac and dealing with it. You want some? Some fights and Wells. I was going to end in it and it kind of works through this whole story. And then another story comes up a little after that. That's a whole story about how Rebecca. Is no steaming with her receiver, son, Jacob on how they can. They can get Isaac to give the blessing to Jacob. Instead of Esau.

Just uses a note, a quick note. We're here.

Is the blessing, right? Which would be fine here as coming from God, is the blessing something that can only be given to one son.

For you. Answer that question. Go back and read the Ishmael and Isaac story. What does God do for Ishmael?

He blesses him. And says you basically, you've been mistreated. I'm blessing you. I'm making you in your Offspring as numerous as the Sands of the sea. So God, you're a blessed Ishmael. And He blesses, Isaac. No, Isaac is the promise seed, the one that God gave. Okay, to cerebrate for the, for the, for the future, promise of being the the vehicle through which Jesus Christ, the Messiah would come. But that doesn't mean that God just tosses Israel, side-impact. God, blesses Ishmael.

Can you come to the story with Isaac and Rebekah and Jacob and Esau? In the question is in this story. How many Bad actors are there?

4. Isaac and Rebekah and Jacob and Esau. Right? Because if Isaac is really seeking God and understanding who God is,

When Esau comes in from going and doing exactly as father told him to then, so then receive the blessing that his father wanted to give him.

The blessing isn't something that God just you know keeps tucked away. Raid something that he wants to give to people who seek Him and chase after him. And instead. Like I said, I already gave it away. You're out of luck.

And the question is, might with all this going on. Who is building? What?

Is God building something? Yeah, yes. Is it have anything to do with, you know, the faithfulness of of these people that are that with what they're doing here right now at this point?

Right, and it's not, it's not called perfection in what you're doing.

But there is a call here to understand. What am I building? And is it the same thing that God is building.

Isaac blesses, a Deceiver.

In this deceiver, son of his Jacob. Takes the birthright, the blessing, if you want story, his uncle's livestock. And eventually he tries to take the blessing from God.

Right? And keep moving. Rebecca. Your brother wants to kill you. I don't know why it's pretty clear. Right? You better go. Go to my uncle had, or get the, how bad this is Rebecca. The deceiver says, I don't think we should do this. What if he finds out in curses me, right? That's what he says about the pig getting the blessings in the father. Right? And what is Rebecca say, Well, don't worry about that. If he curses you, I'll take that myself.

In my mind, you are all this goes down. Rebecca is the only major that you read about in scripture for you. Don't know where she ends up. she just, Disappeared from the story line.

And then Jacob running away from his brother, who wants to kill him, go without meets up with his uncle Laban and then has a war of who can deceive who more right for the next 14 or so years. And then, as he's returning from this war with your four wives and all his livestock and a bunch of kids, 11, right? Look at him. He's fruitful. He's multiplying right. He must be blessed by God.

He comes up and stops at a river.

Doug Meacham.

And that attraction goes something like last night. I will read that one.

I can get there.

Genesis 32.

So he's returning home going to be Esau. What's your favorite of? He's afraid of that. When he crosses over the river, his brother is going to kill him. Kill all of his wives and his children and take all of his stuff right in the all the blessing he's built up is going to be on.

A point with a whole bunch going on here, but we'll just read the the end of it says were 24. Jacob was left alone and a man wrestled with him until Daybreak. When the man saw that he could not defeat him. He's struck Jacobs hip as they wrestled and dislocated his hip socket. Then he said to Jacob. Let me go for this day break. But Jacob said, I will not let you go until you bless me.

What is your name? The man asked Jacob. He replied. Your name will no longer be Jacob. He said it will be is real because you have struggled with God and with men and have prevailed. Rachel has his whole life. He's been struggling and working with an inscribed in the seedings against people and Men his whole life to build up this quote to write blessing. That he is promised.

Ready to get so bad that he has all of that. She has wives and children and livestock. And the land is his right. His brother's Birthright as his, right? It's all his any standing there, cuz yeah, but if I come over there, he's probably going to kill me.

And then he wrestled with a man and we end up finding out, it's God. He says, you have struggled with God and man. And that prevailed and what they're talking about, right? Is it a good thing? To wrestle with God.

Good question, right? When you think about that one for a bit?

You will, you will always lose in a wrestling match with. This is true. Dances, that is it is good to wrestle with God if you're not doing what you need to be doing.

Why? Because if you're coming face-to-face with God, he will make it clear. What it is that she's calling you to do in the ways that he wants to bless you and the things he wants to build you up in. Brighten, how's the story end? God strikes him in the hip.

And I want you to take note of what changes take from here afterward. Spore wise, 11 songs. Gets struck in the hip.

Question is if the twelfth one already on the way, he's fruitfulness that he is obtaining and doing on his own is gone. Do you have more kids? After Benjamin, the last one?

The things that he's building. God says, no, this is your building something in vain here. And God says, I will build it, right? He goes on to say, Jacob ass, right? In verse 29, say please tell me your name, but he answered why you have my name and he blessed in their Jacob. Then name the place, penniall for. He said, I have seen God face to face. And I have been delivered. I have been delivered. I thought you didn't do it. God delivered him, write the sun Shone on him. As he passed by penuel limping on his hip. That is why I to this day. It is like Tony the Tiger muscle. That is that the hip socket because he's struck two socket at the thigh muscle. Can you please go back to the? We've already walk through a whole bunch of stories here, right? Like 30,000 ft? Did the dog right after, after McCain did God, just get rid of them after he didn't accept the sacrifice. What God do? Been met with him and talked with him and said, pain. Why has your face Fallen? Don't you know, if you do what is right, I will lift your face. And what happens when God lifts your face.

You're looking in his eyes. And his face can shine on you, in the blessings of God can come.

Because it is. Bills is what God does not what we build. Right, again, Isaac blesses a deceiver blesses, his son, Jacob, right. And that son. Jacob is deceive who takes the birthright. The blessing, his uncle, his livestock and tries to take the blessing from God.

What God strikes, him?

Never heard of the idea of the term, like a severe Mercy.

Why does God allow difficult things to happen? I can't answer all of all of the reason for that, like it's not something I can know. But sometimes. Difficult things happen. So that we can rely on God and allow God to bless us and allow God to direct us to the things that we are to be building.

As you know, walkthrough. The story of God, right? And you can keep going.

Through the rest of the Bible, right? And we'd be here way past 1. If I tried. The point is this, unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain, who build it. And that's all I want to say that. You can eat. The food that you earned by your work.

That doesn't mean the fact that you're doing it is because God has blessed you.

Is me. You need to know where you think. I will take a severe Mercy from God. A difficult thing happened in my life to correct me and make sure I'm building what God is building. I'm a part of building what God is doing as opposed to building my own thing. Because the most dangerous thing that can probably happen for you and fries for us to start building something and for us, to be able to accomplish it all on our own.

Because if you accomplished it on your own.


Maybe I'm going somewhere with all your things for the blessings God, right?

There's this thing that happens in our culture, right? Where we get in this. Silly fight, right? Where it's like, this is the right way. That's the wrong way. This kind of thing, right? It's like well, you know, if you want to be blessed by God, you have to work hard. That's true. I'm not saying you shouldn't. But just because you work hard. Just because you work hard doesn't mean that the resources in the things that your building are things that God wants you to build.

From what you would do, just kick back and enjoy the rest.

Maybe that's what God wants you to do. Right, but the same time, right? If you're going to sit around and do nothing and just like I was way too. God bless. But you aren't seeking God and single. Take out. What am I doing? Where we working? What are you calling me to do that laziness? Write the person as lazy according to scripture deserves it starve.

So, what is it that we are to be about and we are to do. Well, each and every one of us. Right. Needs to look at where we are, what God is doing. What is called us to do. Think through that. Okay. God is what I'm doing here. Is this what you are seeking to build or just what I'm building? And we need to demolish all the things that we're building on our own. And let God do the things in our life that he wants built. Right into that might need.

You need to work less.

It might mean you need to work more. It might mean right that that that the choices that you've made up and how I've been all on your own and you've got to wrestle with God, about what things he's going to allow you to be blessed with and continue on with and what things you need to walk away from. Right, but that only comes under standing in the ability to do that and understand what your building versus what God's Building, you know. Life only comes right as you walk with him as you bear his name as the spirit and the power in the presence of God is in your life and you walk out in the wisdom of God into the world with the blessing of God. Pouring down on you.

As we just like look in the, in the stories of scripture here, right? I do look at them. It doesn't mean that there's a call to perfection. God blessed. Terrible people.

Look, he even wants to bless you.

You take that. However, you want to see it though.

And so it's one of those things if you get the house with a white picket fence and their retirement and all these things and you can retire when you're 65 and you can just go through all the things. This is what it means to walk in the blessings of God and him, only you worked hard and you would have these blessings. That's not how the blessing of God works. No, my God, call you to that and through that sure. But if you're seeking the face of God, but he'll make it clear. What your bill do versus what he's building.

1st Peter chapter 2.

It says this.

Show rid yourselves of all wickedness of Deceit hypocrisy envy and all Slender. They are the point here, right? Is, don't be like, all the deceitful people that we just read about. They were trying to build their own thing, right? Rid yourself of all those things like newborn, infants desire, the unadulterated spiritual milk so that you may grow by it in your salvation. Since you have tasted that the Lord is good. Coming to him a living Stone rejected by men but Chosen and valuable to God. You yourselves as living stones are being built into a spiritual house for a, holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifice is acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. Stands in scripture. Look, I lay a stone in Zion. A chosen invaluable. Cornerstone in the one who believes in him. Will never be put to shame.

God is building a house.

Are you in it?

Are you a part of it? God is building a house. Jesus wants to bless you. And in turn, he is called you. In light of that, to be a blessing to others.

Are you a part of it? Are you a part of building the house of God or are you building your own little Tower? Somewhere else.

I'm just saying look at what God is doing and it's really just you.

So, the honor is for you, who believe? but for the unbelieving, the stone that the builders rejected, this one has become the Cornerstone. And two things snowing here. One Jesus Christ is the foundation that first block laid down in the house that God is building in you and I need to trust him fall on him. Chase after him know him and be a part of the house that got his building. Otherwise.

Nothing could build anything.

But you may be building. House. Without Christ. You may be building a house without the blessing of God.

The ones who don't believe. If they're still building something.

Stone. The builders rejected.

Nikko's on. Jesus is a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that trip them up. They stumble by disobeying the message and there were destined for this. But you and unbelievers, unbelievers are destined to fall.

But you Believers are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his possession. So that you may proclaim the praise of the one who called you out of darkness and Into His Marvelous Light. Once you were not a people, but now you are God's people, you had not received Mercy, but now you have received Mercy.

Psalm 127, right? It says, unless the Lord build the house. It's Builders labor in vain over it unless the Lord watches over the city, The Watchman stays Alert in vain. In vain, you get up early and stay up late, getting food earned by hard work. We would normally call that a good thing. You're eating the fruits of your labor. That's a good thing. Not so cute. Why there's like, certainly he gives sleep to the one he loves. If there is a rest that comes in God, that comes in Christ even while you work.

Nico's on Sunday are indeed a Heritage from the Lord children or reward like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons. Born in one's youth. Happy Blessed is the man who has filled his quiver with them. Such men will never be put to shame when they speak with their enemies at The City Gate. And what is getting a trait? Obviously it's pointing out the connection of the blessing of God in the lives of those who trust him, right? Connected with children or offspring, right? But that's not all of what the blessing is, right. The blessing is what God gives. Honestly, anything that God gives that brings fruitfulness and life into your life for the blessing of God. and even if you can't have children of your own, we are called to both be blessed by God and then in light of that, and trusting him walk into the world and be a blessing to others. In, at the very least, write that blessing of God can be seen in your life with how you are doing at raising up the spiritual children of God, right? Is that something that you do and you accomplished know, right? Just like the mom can't form the baby in the womb, right? She's not doing it.

Like we don't make people believe.

But if we're living out this blessing of God, then as we go into the world, right, people will see it and respond to the blessings that are on your life and that's not about money or wealth or that stuff. It's about what God is building in that what you're working alongside in right? Are you like Noah building the ark? Right, when there's no rain. W cuz God told him to and said I'm going to bless. You know what you're going to be a blessing, if you're going to relieve the Earth of the curse. And each and every one of us. Who trust? God great who trust that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, right? We are called to be a part of continuing to relieve this world of the curse, as we walk in the name of God, by the power, and the presence of God, the spirit of God in the wisdom of God going into the world.

Is that easy?

Not always, sometimes it. Sure is. But a lot of times not so much.

I just thing. Edgewood my daughters. Are you in it every night when they go to bed? Like I don't I don't like I don't play with them. Actually going to go something like this. God, I pray that you blast Harper or Elliott. Whoever I'm playing with my hand on their head and say, God bless Elliott, birthday shines upon her. I pray that you keep her holy and pure. I pray that you draw her into deep relationship with you and pray that you help her to chase after you with everything that she has. Why do I pray that over my children? Give that blessing over my children out loud every night because I want them to know not today. Necessarily not tomorrow, maybe next week. Hopefully in 10 years or sometime between when they ask Dad, why do you do that every night?

I can tell them about the blessing of God. And if we're not seeking the face of God and we're not seeing what God is building in working with God in that. The only thing that comes Heart from the blessing of God, is the curse and destruction. And that only works like that message only works to my daughters if in the meantime. Not perfectly, but to the best