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Grace and peace to the fullest.
those were Peter's words and verse two, as we began this bladder His desire for us as we would read this letter.
The very words that God had put on his heart and given him for the church is that you and I would understand have the knowledge of Grace and peace.
Two, it's very full list.
Has Peter has been writing to the church.
His desire is that you and I would increasing our knowledge that it is Christ who's building his church.
As we would go through the words, we would see this amazing salvation that Jesus Christ has given us.
And Not only would we see this powerful salvation?
But we would see how this salvation is to work in our lives.
The you and I are to be that effective Witness.
Jesus Christ.
In the way that we live in Peter unfold, that is some beautiful ways.
Some challenging ways.
remember as we read this letter, Peter was challenging us that we
Are they have submissive hearts?
To those around us.
We looked at our submission to authorities and Powers
we saw that submission played out and work at in demonstrated in, in our, our workplaces our families, our marriages,
Own the power that that comes to proclaim the grace of Jesus Christ through that.
We, we looked at Arnie.
The Focus On Christ.
Regardless of the circumstances around us you and I are to have 88 unwavering focus on Jesus Christ.
Oh, how encouraging that was?
And as we do it, as we go through the suffering as we go through the hardships that this life brings you and I are the practice perseverance.
That was a hard one to hear, wasn't it?
But as we were challenged to do that, remember that Peter gave us some very practical ways.
To just live out our faith.
I like practical and this letter oozes with practical.
Whose is that the theological word?
Just in case you were wondering,
But throughout the letter, Peter is letting you and I know that we represent.
Jesus Christ, we represent something greater than ourselves.
Last week, we looked at how God has given the church elders and Shepherds to care for.
And all of that is a Shepherds and sheep.
We you and I are to close ourselves in humility.
as we look at the final verses of this letter today, the final words that Peter pins to the church,
we can almost sense and urgency.
As he States these challenges, these truths for you and I to implement in our lives.
Please follow along.
It is as Peter, almost Cries, Out Church.
I want you to hear this.
1st Peter chapter 5. Beginning and verse sex.
He says, therefore kind of summarizing the whole letter there for humble yourself.
under the mighty hand of God that he May exalt you in the proper time.
Casting all your anxiety on him.
Because he cares for you.
Be of sober spirit.
Be on the alert.
Your adversary, the devil prowls around, like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
but, Resist him.
Firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of stuff.
by your brother and who are in the world after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all Grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ will himself, perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish you
To him the Dominion forever and ever, amen.
Through savannas are paid for brother, for I regard him.
So I've written you briefly.
Exhorting and testifying that.
This is the true grace of God stand firm in it.
There's an!
In my Bible there.
She who is in Babylon chosen together with you since you greetings.
And so does my son Greet one.
Another with a kiss of love, peace.
Be to you all who are in Christ.
What a way to end a letter, huh?
We have 20 minutes to unpack this.
I'm excited, are you?
I mean, this this is good stuff in this.
We look at this.
We are going to be several things Peter in his urgency and wrapping up all of these things that he's been writing to us.
Is my mic going in and out.
It's weird.
I don't know.
Okay, we'll figure that out.
I'll talk loud.
Remember you?
Because also, I want you to just release.
Worry, can wait to get to that one, right?
Remain sober, resist the devil really Suffer Well and realize his piece.
Yes, I had to work a little bit on those ours, okay.
But it really came to get the rum.
Actually the only one that actually I had to work on.
Was that last one with peace?
I'm like we got to realize that, but as we look at these final words, we are going to look at this.
But I want us to notice before we look at these things, the unity in the body of Christ is Peter's writing this.
Look at the unity in the body, verses 12 through 13.
Kinda as we were looking at all that may be made you go, that's weird.
Did you notice those those were kind of different just different verbiage, wasn't it?
And all honesty.
If you were reading that letter when Peter initially wrote it, you would have got low.
That's different handwriting sloppy like a fisherman.
Peter takes the pain from Savannah's or Silas.
And he writes these words in his own hand.
She paper was very
and, Has Peter is is writing this?
He has Silas right is so he can put as much as he can on that paper.
As he writes this letter, he tells them.
This is been great if you like really brief.
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